Friday, September 14, 2012


On Sunday, I went to visit one of the island folk who foster for Hearts on Noses Mini Pig Sanctuary.  I had something to return to Kimberly, and she tipped me off to some new, non-porcine, critters at her place so I packed the big camera and tripod.

I'm still sorting through the 148 photos.  How can I decide which to post when the subject matter is this cute?

Of course, they don't stay still for long.  After all, it's a big world out there and there's so much to see and do.

Off we go!

They have to learn to share,

And help with the gardening,

And explore the world around them

Whatdaya think is in there?

And dive into their pool,
I think ya gotta turn around, silly!

And get to know the other critters who live here.
Hello?  Hello?

A grown-up cousin

And wildlife wandering by!

And even try the piggies' patience by checking out the piggy water dish:

Whaddaya s'pse this is for?

Well, I think it's pretty obvious.....

Iz a swimmin' pool!!

Fortunately, Sophie-Lyn and Piggy-Sue thought it was all pretty funny:

Heh heh heh heh heh 

They's pretty silly birds, aren't they, Mama Kimberly?

The little ducklings are Muscovy crosses, about two weeks old.  Their mother died, probably from a broken neck, when she flew into a metal farm gate.  She had been sitting on eggs for a couple of weeks, so Kimberly took the orphaned eggs and incubated them until they hatched, and has been handraising them ever since.

Of course, they have now imprinted on Kimberly and are quite convinced she is their mama.

She's leaving us!  Hurry!  Hurry!

And, for all intents and purposes, she is.

Welcome to the world, little duckies.  You don't know how very lucky you are to have found a home with Kimberly.

Or maybe you do.

PS:  For those of you who enjoyed the post a few days ago bout Carol and Bill's and Black Jack's visit, you can now read Carol's take on it, and see her photos on her blog here.  


georgia little pea said...

I'm glad there are a few photos with no human construct so you can enter them for next year's Nature. My bet is on the first one. Beautiful.

And piggies :D Your friend's "farm" sanctuary is such an amazing place. Will the ducklings return to the wild eventually?

Jean said...

GLP, the duckies are domestic ones, so there's no 'wild' for them to be returned to. Kimberly keeps ducks to keep the slugs down and for the comic relief!
My favourite photo is the first one, too. I wish I had seen the bramble covering the one duck's face and gently moved it aside - but then the shot would have been different as little ducky in the middle would have no longer been eating the seed. I may have to crop the photo and see how it looks.

ChrisJ said...

Such great photos and I love the commentary too. I thought there was some Muscovy in them, but I'm no great expert. I'd love the chance to have a sanctuary like that. Great work.

Sharonb said...

How sweet are those ducklings. Very cute!