Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My One Thousandth Post: Turkeys are Curious Birds

I have been watching the counter on the blog posts go up for some time, trying to think of something profound to post for my 1000th entry on this blog.  After all, this week's 812 unique visitors, and over 162,000 visitors since 2008, deserve something special.  I appreciate your loyalty, your interest, your comments.

Strangely, what I am about to post is not a wonderful poignant entry about my life with the critters, or even my life on a beautiful island.  Nor is it a photo I have taken with my hopefully-improving camera skills.  It is, instead, a photo my daughter shared with me from her cycling trip to Salt Spring this weekend, taken at a farm near the entrance to the campground.  It made me laugh out loud, and I hope it will do the same for you.

Turkeys are curious birds
Photo (c) J.M. 2012
Used with permission

Thanks, kiddo, for the use of your photo. You made my day!


Anonymous said...

Great picture. You just see them wondering what that strange "Thing" is.


georgia little pea said...

I love deep and profound posts like this one. What are the turkeys pondering? The wheel of life? How long it will be till Thanksgiving? The mind boggles.

Happy 1000th Jean! This has been one of my favourite places to be since I met you and I love following the story of your life. Even the wretched renos ;)

HUGS from someone who hasnt reached 300 yet. Or maybe I have, I'm not sure. Ahhh well... X

Erika said...

I don't comment often but read your blog all the time.
Great photo!!
I worked on a children's farm where we once had 4 baby turkeys and they were totally fascinated with strollers - this post reminded me of those funny birds!

Dawn said...

Happy 1000th, Jean! Like Georgia little pea, I love your posts. I check every morning for something new from Crofton.

It helps me keep in touch with lovely Vancouver Island now that I am back in California.

By the way, your photo of the moon was really good!