Monday, September 24, 2012

Road trip!

By Eddie.

My mama planned to use the title  "Eddie's Excellent Adventure" to do a blog about our road trip.  I tell ya, it is not so excellent from this dog's perspective.  There are very scary things out there.  It is very terrifying to have to go up or down a set of stairs into a strange house.  Or - even worse - into a little box called an elevator and when the door opens you are somewhere else.  And there are long halls to walk down.  I belly crawl.  Sometimes my mama has to pick me up and carry me.  Sometimes she even drags me.  I does not like strange places.

I do like riding in the van though.

Me, Eddie, in the van.
We sure had to pack a lot of stuff!

And sitting by a lake.
Me at Lightening Lakes in Manning Park, BC

And watching boooo-tiful sunsets wiv my mama.

Sunset, on our way to visit
the piggies at the sanctuary.

So far we haz stayed in Abbotsford and Penticton and tonight we are in Vernon.  That is in the Okanagan in British Columbia.  It is a long drive from Crofton. Tonight we has a ground level suite and even a back yard. So I is a bit more relaxed (though I still don't like coming into strange places).  I is so relaxed I hasta go to bed now.  My mama and me are very tired.

I will post more pictures and tell you more about our adventure tomorrow or the next day.  We finally haz internet connection.

Love Eddie.


georgia little pea said...

Dead Eddie, how wonderful to hear about your road trip, excellent or not. You are getting Experience, which is Very Important. I have never been on an elevator before though Mr Piglet and Mr Thumper used to ride it on their way to work. Now that you tell me how scary it is, I'm not sure I ever want to. Belly crawl, Eddie? Get a grip, dog! You can't let an old human *ahem* carry you around like that. It's not dignified. Besides, if she hurts her back, it'll be YOUR fault.

I shall look forward to more of your adventures. Till then, hooroo from your friend on the moon, Georgia X

Jean said...

Dear Georgia. Don'tcha hate that you can't edit comments? I is not Dead Eddie! I is vewy much alive, just Scared. Bwhahahahahaha!
My mama has already hurted her back. But I'z not gonna take all the blame. She broke her toe a few days before leaving and can't wear her proper shoes, which means her back goes wonky. And all that driving, an sleeping in strange beds.....well, those things might hurted her back too. Not me. I is a lean, mean 37 pounds now!!!
She does tell me "thank goodness you are not still fifty pounds, Eddie" every time she has to carry me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Eddie, I so enjoy hearing about your travels, I am the lady who adopted Sparkle, do you remember her at TG? I know you will love being in Vernon and I'm so happy that you have good weather. We live in a town on your way home, possibly you could drop in a meet Sparkle, would you like that? Enjoy your holiday,
Cheers, Marie

Barry Knister said...

From the first time I saw his picture, Eddie had me by the short hairs. I'm sorry he's skittish about elevators and long hallways. So is my border collie, Chelsea. Both of them are smart dogs--after all, there IS something wierd about life in high rises!