Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do good things happen in threes?

Why, yes, I believe they do.  Following on the heels of my two exciting announcements yesterday, I just learned my photo of George,  the harmonica-playing, fig-selling octogenarian which I first shared on this post has made the very front page of the Chemainus Valley Courier.  Sweet!

It is one of  five or six photos I will be entering in the Cowichan Exhibition this year.  And the deadline is fast approaching, so I better run into town for some acid-free tape to finishing matting them. Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket while I'm there.  I could be on a roll.


georgia little pea said...

You're famous! I know a famous person! Woohoo! Don't you get all hoity-toity on me okay? :) X

Jean said...

Famous! Ha ha! I think this is what they call having one's 'fifteen minutes of fame'.
I promise not to get all hoity-toity, GLP. Even if my head doesn't fit through the doorway right now.

Anonymous said...

I've just been following you for a year, since getting my TG dog, and love to see your images. Congratulations!!! They are lovely.

Barb H

georgia little pea said...

More importantly, will your head fit into a brown bag? You might need one when you get too famous. The paparazzi can be annoying ;)