Thursday, September 23, 2010

The dog who swallowed a basketball

Once upon a time there was a funny looking dog named Lucy. She was low to the ground and a meter long, and had reddish-golden-brown fur. She was very unique in appearance.

But she decided to do something to make herself even more noticeable, so she swallowed a basketball. And there she was - a skinny front end, a skinny back end, and a basketball in the middle.

At least, that's what I think happened. Because there's no pups coming out of there, and if the belly gets any bigger it will go POP.

Her appetite is still - ahem - VERY healthy, her temperature is stable, and she shows no signs of impending birth.

Except for that basketball in her belly.


Anonymous said...

Deah Fostermama,

Thankz fow showcazin me but do ya hafta do it in dos less than flatteringy wordz? A basketboll???? Yez, I got (ahemmm) knokked up az dey say, an yez, daddy dawg wont be payin me no support so I knowz already i'm gonna be a strugglin' single mama... Cantcha jus call me a PLUS size moddell????? Yep, woof, I tink I'll be a moddell.

Luv Lucy

EvenSong said...

Have you thought of bouncing her around a bit, to see if THAT would encourage those puppies to make an appearance?

Caroline said...

spicy food? Taking Lucy out dancing?

Jean said...

Awwww Lucy, I apologize. I know all about the struggles of being a single mama with no support and being a plus size, so I should know better than to make fun of you. Perhaps we can go dancing tonight? Or a quick game of one-on-one? You can be the ball.......Oooops, another basketball joke.

(And whomever taught Lucy to use the keyboard......could you please come clean the coffee out of my computer??? Toooo funny!).