Saturday, September 25, 2010

A morning conversation at our house

Charley and Sadie

Sadie: (Peering at computer) Just look at these stats! How come all those people keep checkin our mom's blog?

Charley: Cuz they want to see if Looney Lucy has had her pups yet.

Sadie: Well the only thing she's done lately is bark-snap at me when I tried to clean up some crumbs she'd dropped. Pure helpfulness on my part - just saving mom the trouble of bending over for them - no self-interest at all..........

Charley: Yeah, bark-snapping Lucy thinks she's something special now that she's a Plus-sized super model. Do you know she even dared climb up into my raised bed this morning? MY bed - the one I've had since I was a little tiny pup!

Sadie: No!!! What presumption! She's getting faaaar too big for her britches!

Charley: Heheheheheheh! Too big for her britches! Good one, Sadie!

I is NOT gettin' too big fer my britches! They fits just fine!


hornblower said...

Oh sweet Lucy! I remember being really, really, really pregnant & waiting, waiting, waiting. I think I snarked a bit by then too :-)

Can't wait to see the pups!

Anonymous said...

Deah Sadie an Chahlie!

You 2 damsels is just jealous! You gotz haiwwy legs and bellies an I don't! An I do look good fer my ciwcumfwence! I am about to pwoduce some cutesy babies and AAAAALLLLLLL the 2 legged fwends will come visit me. I finks you shood be nice to me, cuz when da fwends come to visit, dey will bwing tweats and I knowze you wike tweats. I gotz fwends in faw awaay pwaces, hooo wantz to kno if you've been good, so fink twice, cuz Ladeys, I manege da tweats wound heah.

Luv Lucious Lucy

Anonymous said...

WoW I guess it's been 3 days since I way Lucy and she looks like she has doubled in size. Lucy you are a lovely model but your modeling career will have to be put on hold. Time to get down to business and deliver those puppies. The suspense is killing us. I say 6


JRM said...

I totally need britches like Lucy's. Not her bikini, though. Thankfully I'm not having a litter - I just look like I am!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to meet miss Lucy! Hurry up girly so I can come over! Love and hugs -Sarah

Anita said...

Well, I used to get up in the morning and, first thing, I'd vote for Susan on a wine blog, then check to see if Gordon had posted anything on his blog ------- and NOW checking to see if Lucy has had her babies is of utmost importance!! Come on Lucy -- we're all waiting .........

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful photo of Charley and Sadie, Jean. Forget that plus-sized model whose fame is obviously going to her head. Your two collie girls are gorgeous and know how to work it, they just have far too much class to flaunt it.

You go girls!

Deb S.