Monday, September 20, 2010

The Many Faces of Lucy

If Lucy was an elementary school student, she would be the Class Clown. She'd be the one kid in the class picture who is pulling a face. The one kid who can wiggle her ears, stick her nose in the air, wink and get the whole class giggling. The kid who likes to engage in staring competitions just for the heck of it. And when the teacher catches her, looks completely innocent, deep in thought, or just plain sad and serious.

And, of course, she'd also be the one who is always late for class and doesn't have her homework done on time. C'mon Lucy, produce those pups! (Wait! Not tomorrow, when I have to go out! You may have an extension until Wednesday. But I expect to see A+ work .)


Black Jack's Carol said...

Those first two pictures are priceless. Lucy is something else! I'm dealing with a huge class right now, and there's a male Lucy in there, so I really related to this post:) Can you hang in one more day, Lucy, just for Jean?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lucy, you've made me giggle... and giggle... and giggle. My crew is all around me wondering what's so funny. Mine just don't make faces like that.

Now hurry the oven up... the beans must be baked by now!