Monday, September 6, 2010

I haza new scratchin' post!

By Allie the Cat

Last weekend my mama went to a rescue event in Victoria. She was looking after a table for Hearts on Noses, telling people about piggies.

Mama says this time of year a lot of the petting zoos are selling their potbellied piggies, 'cuz only the babies draw in the paying crowds and by next summer, the babies will be big piggies - - besides, it costs them to feed the piggies over the winter. My mama doesn't think much of petting zoos that breed new babies and don't commit to them. Most of the people who buy the little piggies won't know anything about pigs as companion animals and will soon be dumping them or selling them to other people who don't know anything about piggies. And before ya know it, someone is calling Hearts on Noses or the SPCA about an abandoned or neglected piggy. My mama likes teaching people about piggies.

There were other booths there too. For all kinds of rescued animals.

From little ratties and ferrets:

To dogs, big and small:

But mostly big:

And of course the best animals of all - cats!:

Mama says she wanted to bring this sheltie home wiv her:

His face kinda reminds ya of someone, doesn't he?

Unfortunately for mama, but fortunately for me, he already had a home. He was already adopted by a groomer who was trimming nails and giving the money to rescue that day.

And speaking of trimming nails......

Ya know what I liked best about mama going to the rescue event?

She brought home this new scratching post for me!

It's made of driftwood. Mama's vet mentioned her own cat loves the driftwood posts. Me, I prefer mama's new chair.

She tried buying me one of these Emory things that she saw on TV:

This is what I thought of it:

But my piece of driftwood?

I loves it!

I loves loves loves it!

It's good fer sitting on:

And fer lying on:

An' for doin' the downward dog - er - cat on:

And fer standing on my head on:

I loves it.

But I don't wanna scratch it.

So I still use mama's new chair.



Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a scratching post - driftwood, and it looks decorative as well. Have the exact same emory board thing - my Rainbow won't even look at it, let alone scratch it. I like the yoga poses (cat doing downward dog - hee hee).


Janice Gillett said...

You sure set up that table nice Jean!!! LOVED it and so appreciate all the work you did for the pigs making the signs and printing all those important pieces on your board. And the time you put into this and spent sharing your first hand piggy knowledge!!

What a great turn out for a First time event , so much stuff and so many awesome people!!

Alley , you are one lucky cat!!

Anonymous said...

That Sheltie sure does look like Oliver!

Re Allie's selection of scratching posts (your chair) - you could try clear packing tape in her favorite spots? I've had some success with that, and it's not quite as obvious as hanging tinfoil everywhere.


Jean said...

Sharon, I've used the clear packing tape (and double sided tape) on the chairs, the couch, and the drapes (all of which are prime scratching post material, according to Allie). They do stop her from scratch those materials......until I eventually remove the tape, and she heads right back to them.
One of the problems with tape on the backs of furniture when you have longhaired big dogs is that the tape keeps catching on the dogs' fur and next thing I know.....a dog walking around with a tangle of tape and a cat back to scratching the furniture!!

Anonymous said...

LOL - I hear you Jean, what I've heard is so true - you can either have nice furniture or pets, but not both!

Crystal isn't a big dog but the couch (that matches the micro-suede loveseat that my newest cat is killing slowly) is her "face towel" - perfect height - she runs up and down the length to clean off her face after every meal.....

Are we gonna talk about the carpet next??!