Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Deas Island Regional Park

On our trip to the mainland last week, we re-discovered the pleasures of Deas Island Regional Park. I love this park which is so close to busy roads and highways yet so peaceful and private - one can sit and gaze at the water and not hear any of the heavy trucks or dense car traffic that travels nearby River Road or Highway 99. We visited it at both the beginning and the end of our trip.

On Monday, the beginning of our trip, we (the dogs and I) took my mom to the park for a little outing. I chose it because (a) it is quite accessible and not too long a drive from her White Rock residence and (b) it is disability-friendly, with parking spaces close to benches and picnic tables, accessible washrooms nearby, and some paved trails suitable for people using walkers and/or wheelchairs. Mom enjoys sitting on the bench in the dappled sunlight, near the water's edge.

Mom is legally blind and therefore cannot see the mountains and skyscrapers across the slough, but she knows the water is there, enjoys the sounds of the birds and the scent of the flowers and the fresh air on her face. And any time spent with family is always a pleasure for mom. I describe to her the details of what I am seeing and she envisions it in her mind.

Mountains and skyscrapers across the water

City scene from park

Tug towing shed

When the dogs and I were on our way home at the end of the week, we arrived in the area of the park, which is about 10-15 minutes from the ferry terminal, with plenty of time for a leisurely walk. This time, we meandered on dirt and sand trails along the other side of the park, where a rowing club had just packed up its boats and a man and his dog were just heading out to fish. I missed those shots as I was fumbling to replace my camera battery with a fresh one, but this is the lagoon-type area where we began our walk.

Part way along the trail, we passed by the backs of three heritage buildings on the property. This long-haired dog (Afghan hound, I think?) was in one of the yards, peering at us through the gate.

A bit further on, the air heady with the sweet scent of ripe blackberries, we wandered near a damp area full of bullrushes and mauve marsh flowers

And then reached fields of grasses and flowers of brilliant yellows and reds.

A rabbit came out to say hello - not at all afraid of my leashed dogs who paid little attention to the furry friend.

Circling back, we moved to the other side of the park where mom and I had sat earlier in the week, and the girls obliged me with a portrait shot.

More flowers - a kind of wild sweet pea? - climbed amid the trees.

A little rest by the water and it was time to head to the ferry and home.


EvenSong said...

What a lovely picture of three gentle, sweet ladies! It's good that your mother can get out and enjoy the outdoors (and good that you were there to take her)!
Love the sunflowers. (I still have taken/shared photos of my little patch of wildflowers, have I?)
When I was young (a looong time ago) there was a place I used to ride that one would top the hill and be overwhelmed with the scent of a field of sweet peas. Thanks for triggering the memory!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see pictures of your Mom, Jean and she looked very happy to be back in a natural setting. Can I add here that she was my Brownie leader way back when, a lovely, enthusiastic woman who loved to teach us young ones about the joys of the outdoors.

Black Jack's Carol said...

What a very wonderful smile on your mother's face, Jean. She was so clearly thrilled to share a wonderful day with you and the girls.

The Afghan made me smile. Something about the long, long nose and the curious/slightly wistful expression. The photo triggered a memory of a very sweet Afghan that I knew years ago. Her name was Thalia and she used to play beautifully with my former dog, Scott.

Beautiful scene by the lagoon, and lots of great photos.