Sunday, September 26, 2010

Five Things you might not know about Lucy

1. She gets the hiccups at least once a day!

2. Some dogs chase rabbits in their sleep. Not Lucy. She wags her tail like crazy instead! (Ohhh I'd so love to know what she's dreaming when she does that!)

3. She can hold her ears in any direction she pleases - up and pointy, down and floppy, back and flat, front and wide, or sticking straight out sideways.

4. She is gaining more and more confidence every day on our walks. Today she never even faltered when a truck sped past us, and she sat quietly by my side accepting treats as a skateboard rattled by not a metre away, and she not only let a man pet her but then she waddled towards him for more!

5. When the puppies kick, she whips around and pokes her belly with her nose. sign of those puppies making an appearance yet.

So, while we await Lumpy Lucy's big event, Charley and Sadie and I went down to the beach for a while, where we

watched a kingfisher contemplate buying a boat:

and watched a man in a toque paddling all over the bay while standing up on a wakeboard or something:

and enjoyed the bright yellow flowers growing by the start of the seawalk :

and watched this cat, one of many feral and semi feral cats who were being fed by a man who has just been evicted, reportedly to make way for a new fourplex:

All that is left is one red mop, a broken dog crate, some planters, and several hungry cats.
(And yes, I have let the feral cat rescue know - perhaps now they can get in to trap/neuter/release them).

And continue to wait for Lucy's ship to come in:


Anonymous said...

Ahemmmm Lucy, excuse me but we are REALLY waiting for those puppies! Or are ya just messin' with our minds.

Come on now... hurry up please.


Jennie said...

You gave me an outloud belly laugh today. Kingfisher.....hahahahaha.