Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sadie: Whozzat?

Charley: I dunno. Mom says her name is Lucy.

Sadie: Is she our new sister?

Charley: Nah, mom only adopts older animals. She’s young.

Sadie: The piggies weren’t old.

Charley: Nope, but mom was just fostering them.

Sadie: What’s fostering?

Charley: That’s when you just look after someone for a while, until they get a forever home or until they are healthy enough to go back to the shelter or rescue group.

Sadie: So maybe that’s who that is? A foster dog?

Charley: Yeah, I guess so. I hear she’s gonna have babies any day now. Sigh......puppies are such a nuisance!!!!

Sadie: Puppies? I like puppies!! I’ll help look after them!

Charley. Yuck. You can have ‘em. That’s if the momma lets you near them. I think that’s why our mama has brought in the x-pen, so Lucy and the puppies can haz their own “room”.

Sadie: Fostering, eh? Hmmmm…..Are you sure it’s just fer a while? Not forever?

Charley: Nope, not forever. I think maybe mama’s looking after her for the SPCA. When the pups are big enough, they’ll all go back there to be adopted, I betcha. That’s what fostering is.

Sadie. Hey, wait a minute! I’m sure I read in the blog that mama was fostering me when I first came here. Yup HERE it is. And then she adopted me! And now I’m here FOREVER!

Charley: Really? Ohhh nooooooo we’re gonna have a bunch of puppies that won’t NEVER go away again? I hates puppies!!!!!!! Allie, Alllie help………we gotta DO something or this place will be overrun with DOGS, baby dogs!! All chasing you!!! Alllliieeeeee………

Hey, I ain't stoopid - I ain't goin' near her!

My Life with the Critters is happy to introduce Lucy. As Charley correctly noted, I am fostering her for the SPCA and she is expecting pups some time in the next week or two. I was asked to foster her as she is considered an at-risk pregnancy; the father was likely a much larger dog, possibly a Newfie. We don't want her going into labour alone in the shelter at night.
She has a long torso and big head on tiny little short legs - what Yvette from Turtle Gardens Rescue calls a "station wagon dog" - long and low to the ground. She looks like she could be a corgi crossed with a Finnish Spitz or Rhodesian Ridgeback and pitti or lab thrown in for good luck. Who knows? She is a Heinz 57 dog, for sure!
Charley is sulking but I notice she has taken possession of the very large plastic dog bed that is to serve as a whelping box. Sadie could care less, and Allie is cautiously optimistic. Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

She is cute Jean. I hope Lucy has no problem with the whelping and all goes well.
I see sleepless night ahead in your future.LOL


Sheryl said...

I just LOVE the look on Allie's face!

Hope all goes well with the delivery.

Anonymous said...

Puppies!?!?! Did I really read that correctly...? Puppies?!?!?! Making the leap geriatric to pediatric will be quite a shock for your furry family! For once I'm so glad I live FAR away across the water where I'm safely out of Temptation's way. However, your blog is sure going to be fun to read! Can't wait!! Welcome Lucy!

By the way, is anyone interested in betting in a baby... er, should I say puppy pool? Or maybe the bet should be "will Lucy remain a foster or become a permanent family member"?

Good for you, Jean, for helping this girl. We'll be looking forward to more news.

Deb S. & Crew

Anonymous said...

"Lucky Lucy" - for being with you Jean, to help her when she needs it most.

Can't wait to hear more.


EvenSong said...

My, but she is an oddly put together little creature! And crossed with a Newfy?? Gracious!

Lucky Lucy, indeed, to join such a great critter family, even if only temporarily.

Good luck with your obstetrical duties, Jean. You're braver than I. But after the piggies, I suppose puppies will be a piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

Well Jean, all I can say is... buckle up for a wild ride!

Welcome Lucy! You have landed in a very safe and comfy place to have your babies, Jean will be very good to you.

Deb, the bets are on... 6 pups, 4 boys, 2 girls!

Ellen and boyz

Jean said...

SIX????? SIX???? What did I ever do to you, Ellen???????
Two pups, maybe three.....
After the humungous piggy litter I had to deal with, this darn well better be a small one!!! (yeah, okay, raising the pigs was the most fun thing I've ever done....but they had a barn and a field, not one little section of my mudroom!)

Caroline said...

I LOVE puppy breath and watching them play and sleep and dream!
Lucy is very lucky indeed that she's at your place. And having a willing babysitter for when she needs a break! LOL

My bet is 2 pups.

I'm hoping for a speedy and problem free delivery. When is she due Jean?

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh Jean, I am so happy for Lucy! However her pregnancy goes, I know she is in the very best care! Great dialogue to express your other critters' reactions:)

Janice Gillett said...

Who is doing the pool????

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing 3