Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tails of a Butternut Squash

On Monday at my writers' group, I read a story I'd written about Lucy. In it, I'd made a comment comparing her to a trumpeter swan - thinking of the long thin neck and the bulbous back end I've seen as they fly over the Fraser Valley. However, the simile didn't ring true for some group members, and then one suggested she looked more like a butternut squash.

Yesterday at the market, I happened to buy a butternut squash. The squash is a bit on the small side, but I'd say the comparison is very valid:

Butternut squash


However, the comparison won't be valid much longer. Her temperature has dropped to the point where labour will begin in 12 - 24 hours. (It is now 36.8 C or 98.2 F. I took it again tonight as she isn't the least bit bothered by the procedure, and knowing does allow me to alert the SPCA I'm fostering for, in case I have to call them at 3 AM).

Stay tuned. It just might be another sleepless night.


EvenSong said...

A butternut squash that's about to BURST!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Have to love and agree with that butternut squash comparison. Thoughts with you, Lucy, and you too, Jean!

Sheryl said...

Good girl, Lucy. Hope all goes well.