Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Yesterday, Charley told her version of our trip to the mainland, so now I get to tell you MINE. I luvs to travel in the van. I always hop in first so I can hog the back seat all for myself. And as long as I'm with my mama, I don't care where we go.

I wasn't sure about Auntie Deb's stairs at first, but I soon caught on and was bouncing up and down them like a pro. And I ignored the cats, and got along fine with the dogs, and mostly had a really great time.

Except for Wednesday. I did NOT like Wednesday. My mama ABANDONED me. Or I thought she had. We had been at Auntie Deb's for a couple of days by then, and mama had a meeting with Gran Rose's case worker to do an assessment for her longterm care. Gran Rose's current facility does allow dogs to visit, but mama decided it would be better if I stayed wiv Auntie Deb for the day. Only I didn't know what was going on, because all I heard her say to me was


And then she left.

Charley said not to worry, she'd be back. But I wasn't so sure, cuz a couple of years ago the family I'd lived with all my life took me to a strange place and never came back. Okay, they'd had some really bad stuff happen to them - our house burned down and dad lost his job and we were living in their car (mom, dad, the cat and I) in northern BC in the middle of winter - but I never thought they'd take me somewhere and then not come back! They loved me, I know they did!

When I first arrived at Mama Jean's farm in Mission, I lay with my nose glued to the patio doors watching the road for THREE MONTHS waiting for my family to come get me. And I raced to the door every time I heard a car in the driveway, and then slunk back to the patio door when I realized it wasn't mom and dad. I was very, very sad. It took a long time to get over losing my family and to realize my new mama loved me just as much as they had - maybe more.

But when Mama Jean drove away without me on Wednesday, I thought history was repeating itself. Charley didn't give a hoot - she trotted off to Mama Jean's bed and went to sleep.

But me? I lay at the top of those stairs and watched and watched and watched and watched, never taking my eyes from the route mama had taken out of the house.

Later, Auntie Deb took us all out into her back yard. Charley just found a shady spot under the rhododendren bush and had a nap.

But I hung out at the garden gate, watching the road.

And whenever a vehicle came into the cul de sac, I raced around to the other gate to check the driveway. And then back to the garden gate. I was very, very, very worried.

I don't think mama should ever leave me at someone else's place ever ever again. Even someone as nice as Auntie Deb. I am so glad my mama came back for me.

(All photos in this post are courtesy of Deb Strong, Cat & Mouse Designs. 'Cuz it's pretty hard fer a dog to use a camera.)

Love, Sadie

(c) 2010


hornblower said...

Oh Sadie - poor thing. Your mama will not abandon you.

Anonymous said...

Awww Sadie... I tol' ya yer momma'd be back. And if she wuz't, you cud stay with me and Deb and the other critters (you cud help me deal with that silly little Snap dog that everbody thinks is so darn cute and who hogs all the attenshun). But the way your momma Jean luvs ya, I don't think ya ever have ta worry about bein' homeless agin. Life is good for us rezcued collies.

Yur friend,

PS: Sorry 'bout my spellin'.

Donkey said...

What a wonderful story of love and loss. Thanks Sadie.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to worry Sadie. Your momma will never leave you.
She's told me many times how special you both are.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh my goodness, Sadie. Those pictures of you waiting for your mama were heartbreaking, but as you learned, she is not planning on leaving you - ever! I'm so glad the rest of your holiday was excellent, and that your one worrisome day had such a happy ending.