Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update on Mama

By Sadie, Charley, Belle and Oliver

We thought we might hasta call the vet to come euthanize mama today, cuz that seemed like the humane thing to do. Instead we tooks her to his office and he decided she cud be saved. We is happy to hear that, cuz we loves our mama and she’s only a little over eight in dog years so shud still have lots of livin’ left to do.

Mama knows not all bugs need drugs, but in this case her bugs does need drugs, so now maybe we will soon see some improvement and she will stop keeping us awake all night with her barkin’ an’ whinin’ and complainin’.

Hoomans are such wusses!

Its a boootiful day out. We thinks we will see if we can take some pictchures with our mama's camera. This blog is getting pretty darn booooring!

Love, Sadie an' crew.


mike said...

thank you for the update on your momma Sadie. it sounds like you guys are taking very good care of her.

I'll tell you a secret that I bet your momma has not mentioned yet. In the old days people used to put a plaster on the chest of someone who had this cold thing. It basically was a nice thick glob of mud. So you and Belle, Charley and Oliver can dig up a nice pile of mud and then drag momma outside and roll her in it. That'll make her better for sure!

Give her a wet nose from us, and keep taking care of her ok?

Anonymous said...

Oohhhhhhhhhh.....there is lotsa mud out in the piggy yard, an' some by the pasture gate tooooo. We thinks that sounds like a great idea....we will try it!
Love Sadie

Anonymous said...

Dear Sadie, Charley, Belle and Oliver -

I can't believe you even considered euthanizing your mama!! She still has got a whole bunch of living (and work) left because of you guys!

But am glad Jean you are getting drugs for this bug, and sure hope you feel better soon.

Can't wait to see the dog's photos!


Anonymous said...

Sadie -you is s'posed to mix mustard powder in with the mud too. Maybe one of you could mix some up and put it on with a paw first 'cause i doubt you could get your momma to roll in yellow mud - hmm maybe you could get one of the pigs to trip her?

Big Sis- in this case the Aunt who takes your bed-and her sidekick O'Bear

Janice Gillett said...

Rockford files and a good ol mustard plaster gosh we are for sure dating oursleves now!! LOL

Glad you got some meds Jean , you'll will beat this faster !!

And here is a home delivery for ya ;o)

Janice Gillett said...

Feeling any better today Jean?

Jean said...

Nope, except for about two or three hours this afternoon. Then it returned worse than ever.
Four nights with no sleep are beginning to take their toll on me. No energy even to update the pics SAdie took.

Janice Gillett said...

It's a nasty one that is for sure. Are you able to eat, do you have juice and stuff in the house?

Jean said...

My friend Ann brought me four kinds of homemade soup - that's about all I can eat right now. I've got everything I need for now.

Janice Gillett said...

Okay , well i am still on Wyatt watch and do not leave him unless i have a pig sitter here. but if you need me as remember i got layed off i'm home and can arrange to come out and give you a hand or pick up some needs.

ruth said...

Dear Sadie - thanks for updating us on your mama.Please do take good care of her and be patient while she can't take you for your usual romps. Looking forward to seeing your photos soon!
Dear Jean, I am so sorry to hear you are still so sick! I am sending you and the critters many good thoughts. -- Ruth

Audrey said...

Hi, pups! I sure hope your momma feels better soon! It's sure not nice feeling yucky when you're a human, so I hope you're being very good pups and giving her lots of cuddles! Tell your momma that Auntie Audrey hopes she's feeling better very soon!

dp said...

Sorry to hear that you're not well, Jean. Take good care of yourself.