Wednesday, February 25, 2009



I left for work amid a few wet sloppy flakes; by 2:30 I had a lot of nervous students worrying about driving home. The road report wasn't good, and as I still don't have my voice they were just watching a video and discussing it among themselves, so I let them out early. Turned out to be the right choice - the campus announced it was shutting down and cancelling classes shortly thereafter. There was only a few inches of slippy slidey stuff over at the campus, but by the time I reached my driveway across the river and up the side of the valley, I was greeted with eight inches of snow and a miserably cold blizzard-like wind.

Even the dogs were not impressed (though perhaps that had something to do with the fact I forgot to put their warm, dry coats on them!). This is what they looked like after just two minutes outside:

They tried to follow me down the drive to check the mailbox, but their show of enthusiasm left something to be desired.

I think Oliver had the right idea - he just stood at the back door and barked. LET ME IN! I don't know if he didn't realize I was still outside, or if he really thought Allie the cat had developed opposable door-knob-turning thumbs.

I hope this latest snowfall goes as quickly as it came. Robb the Plowman is away, and this is far too heavy and wet for my arthritic spine to manage even when I am healthy, let alone with this dratted flu hanging on. I have to have a bank draft to the lawyers in the morning so the final papers on the house can be signed. And my first year students have a midterm tomorrow afternoon. And I have an appointment to see my Emma for my 30 minutes, once a month visit tomorrow evening (which I forfeit if I don't show at the appointed time). And I'm supposed to head for the island Friday to pick up the house keys and drink a celebratory glass of champagne with my friends.


HUMPH! Grumble, grumble, grumble, grumble......


Anonymous said...

We have the same mess here in Langley, it's awful and still blizzarding. I thought we were done with snow - but obviously not.

Poor little Oliver.....such a sad face....I'm sure you let him right back in!

Good luck with all your stuff tomorrow Jean, I don't think this storm is supposed to last too long, but not sure the snow will be gone by tomorrow morning....


Janice Gillett said...

Its not sticking here but i was not impressed when i saw it coming down earlier. I got out of here and picked up feed and groceries jsut in case today.

I hope for your sake jean it is gone in the morning.

dp said...

We have at least 12 inches in Deroche, maybe more. Right out of the blue, but it sounds like it will go as quickly as it came.

Do you teach at UFV?

Jean said...

Well, it continued snowing all evening and through much of the night - looks like there's about 14 - 16 inches altogether now. It appears to be warming up a little this morning, but I don't think this amount of snow is going to disappear quickly.

DP, yes I teach at UFV. And unfortunately senior admin thinks these are great travel conditions and so classes are not cancelled today. (WTF? Do they not listen to the road reports?). However, I may cancel mine anyway, since I know many students will not be able to make it, which means a couple of dozen students needing special arrangements to write the midterm at a later date.

The public schools are closed in this area - I guess that is a good indicator that I won't be getting out of here today. Now to figure out what to do about the closing on the house!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh, my goodness, Jean (and dp)! I'm guessing about an inch here, with the house steps, car tops and grass definitely coated, but nothing on the road, as far as I can tell. Jean, I'll be thinking of you and hoping your today list, and especially the house closing and your visit with Emma work out.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly Jean...When I saw it start to come down yesterday afternoon I wanted to yard was finally almost rid of all the poking all covered but we only got about 2 inches ..-4 tho this morning..UGH!!!!
But the dogs loved it..mine are younger...silly dogs.