Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another loss at Hearts on Noses

For the second day in a row, Janice at Hearts on Noses has faced the loss of one of her beloved potbellied pigs. Rocket, who had been diagnosed with ulcers last fall, has left the earthly herd to join Peppermint Patty on the other side.

Janice shares these memories of Rocket:

In 2001 the SPCA contacted me about a pig they had seized in an animal cruelty case. His hooves were overgrown as well as his tusks, and now after being treated he was ready to be moved. Shirley and I went to the shelter with crate in hand, and to the back of the dog runs we found him with a pail to drink from and a blanket on concrete floors. Since then, things have changed for pigs in our shelters and this I know we did together.

I put the crate up to the doorway and told him he would have to be very brave but I had come to bring him home. I promised him that he would have a good house, lots of food and I would protect him from the others. George, as named by them, walked right into the crate with out a second passing and we brought him home. When we took the lid off the crate once in his yard, he rolled over for a belly rub right there. A very quiet pig but no doubt a very wise one.

Geroge was renamed Rocket for being the fastest pig at everything including eating. He has joined one of his closest friends Barney who left us the year before.

Janice, once again I am so sorry for your loss. Potbellied pigs are companion animals and, as such, members of our families, and their loss is felt as deeply as any loss can be. To suffer two such losses in two days is beyond comprehension. Take very good care of yourself, my friend.

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Janice Gillett said...

Getting laid off has been a God send consdiering everything that has happened here in the last two weeks.
Its pretty obviouse to me now that as i have gotten older the more difficult it is to loose one. Or i have always been a basket case and because there are that many more i am finding it harder to cope when I do.
I pray all the time asking God to give me the strength to do what i do , i must pray harder.