Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A walk with Sadie

Well, wiv Mama being so sick, Charley and I decided to head outside wiv the camera and show you what's happenin' dude.

Hmmmm, this camera thing is not as easy as Mama makes it look. You humans should try operating one with yer feets - or two pairs of feets. Ya gotta hold the camera and look through the back part and push the little button - that's not easy when yer a dog!

But here ya go - pictures of our world:

First thing ya gotta do when yer a dog is to learn to roll around on the grass on yer back. When ya do that, look up at the sky:

And at the trees - do they look like maybe they haz a little spring colour on them already?

Then ya flip back on all fours and head over to the piggy yard. Oops - they is being lazy today cuz Mama didn't make them get up. In fact, they are sleepin' and it's the middle of the afternoon!:

Hey piggy, don't ya think you should go outside and play?

Okay, Ms. Sadie, maybe I will!

Next, ya head out into the pasture to see what's new. We found these interesting mousey tracks - at least we thinks they is mousies but maybe they is voles. Mama sez the snow was on the field for so long, and was so frozen hard, that the little critters dug their tunnels along the surface of the dirt beneath the ice. Mama sez it reminds her of the roads she and her brother used to build in the dirt beside their childhood home, roads for their matchbox cars to travel, with little tunnels and overpasses and cloverleafs.

By now, some of the pigsters have ventured out of the barn and all the way down to the bottom of the piggy yard so they can keep an eye on us.

This country bumpkin (wiv the straw in hiz mouth) is checkin' out the last of the snow wiv his big toe:

The pigsters would like us to open the gate so they can come out in the pasture wiv us, but Charley sez we might get in twouble if we do that when Mama don't have no voice to call them back again. We dogs is not very good at calling "Piggy, piggy,piggy soooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It must be dinner time, because we notice the sun is lighting up the trees and casting shadows and changing the colours of the sky:

Back in the house, Oliver and Belle are demonstrating the latest in doggy trundle beds. Mama had to put a piece of foam in front of the Petmate bed, because Princess Belle was having problems jumping into it. But then Sir Oliver took it over, so the poor Princess has to sleep on the lower half, like some maidservant on a pallet.

Sometimes, though, the Princess gets a bed an' Oliver has to sleep on the floor if he wants to stay close to her. (He would like to cuddle up to her, but she's havin' none of that!)

And that is the end of our adventure. We is allll tired out now, so Charley takes one last picture of yours truly, Sadie, photographer and tour guide extraordinaire. I forgots to take a picture of Charley!

I hear Mama barkin' ....er...coughing....so I better go see if she needs me to refill her water bowl. G'night!


Hunde Haus said...

Those photos of the sleeping herd are priceless. Those are perfectly content critters. Excellent job you have done with them Jean.

Here's hoping you feel better soon, and that NO sick bugs fly their way to Hope. I cannot do a sick day. :)

ruth said...

Sadie, great job on the pictures! I know it's hard with paws and all, but you done good, girl!
I'm glad you're still taking good care of your Mama, and making sure the rest of the pack is fine, too.
Happy healing thoughts from Seattle.
-- Ruth

Black Jack's Carol said...

You are a talented girl, Sadie. Loved those pictures, and also the image of your Mama and her brother building roads and tunnels and overpasses. Please let her know that lots of healing thoughts are coming her way from Vancouver. Bet you'll be glad when she's back to her healthy and energetic self! Take good care of her in the mean time!