Monday, February 9, 2009

My Turn

Well, now that all the dogs and one piggy have had their turn being ill, it is my turn. I brought it upon myself though - yesterday I bragged to someone that I hadn't had the flu or a cold in nearly three years, not since I started getting regular flu shots and taking Cold FX daily. And I added "now I've probably jinxed myself".

Yup. Woke up in the night with achey bones and congested chest. Now have a full blown cold and a fever and feel like cr*p. And I have four more chapters of a VERY boring text to extract exam questions from before tomorrow morning. BLECH.

Just a typical end to a not-so-perfect day. It began with a sleet and snow storm which saw me stuck in the driveway despite snow tires and four wheel drive; it progressed to a not-so-helpful visit to the vet with Belle, who is doing poorly again and has little or no feeling in her back legs; I spent about three hours gathering some paperwork and faxing it off for some personal time-sensitive business; I carried Belle in and out of the house, in and out of the car, and in and out of her basket a kazillion times; and all the while, I felt the flu taking a firmer and firmer grasp on me.

I do not do sickness well - at least, not my own. It's a good thing there was a beautiful sunset to gaze at while the three healthy dogs ran in the pasture, and a chorus of piggy voices to listen to as I fixed the evening feeds, and a pot of hot and healthy stew ready for the eating.

And now I better tackle another chapter of the boring book with the tiny print.

Anyone wanna send me some homemade chicken soup??????


Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh, Jean,

I do hope this is one of those quick bugs that will be over in a day or two, and not the hanger-on kind that lingers. Lots of good healing thoughts to you. Sorry, I don't have a Tweed to make you feel better, unless the Food Lady was serious??? Take good care of yourself, if that's possible with a boring text hanging over your head. I'll be thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Jean I'm very sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Take good care of yourself.

Poor Belle that must be very hard on you both. I have and idea I'll contact you privatly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean - sorry to hear you have the flu - take care of yourself. It is hard to rest when you have all the critters to care for......I'm coming down again in a couple of weeks so hope to drop by. BB