Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Goddess smiled!

Well, actually I think She was laughing at me. As usual, when things really need to turn out a certain way, they do.......and we humans worry, worry, worry, when in reality the universe is going to unfold as it should.

And so, it has become a beautiful day and all the worries of yesterday were for naught.

I slept well for a change, and awoke at 5:30 refreshed. In short spurts, I shovelled out enough of the driveway to open the gates and get my 4x4 out to the road and down the icy hill to the lawyer's office. The papers are signed, the cheque is turned over, and the house shall be mine.

I returned to the house to find - SURPRISE! - Rob the Plowman had returned from Thailand yesterday and was busy shovelling out the rest of the drive and clearing the path to the pasture and barn. Now Ellen will be able to come piggysit and dogsit this weekend while I go to the island to claim my housekeys.

I went back into town for the cash to pay Rob, and discovered the warm, brilliant sunlight and the efficient city crews had turned the roads to wet, bare thoroughfares - and so I will head off to class and torture - er, test - my students with their midterm exam. And then go visit my Emma.

It is Christmas-card-perfect out there right now - brilliant blue sky on smooth sparkling snow. It is a beautiful world indeed. The Goddess has smiled.

(For best viewing of these photos, click to enlarge, then use back browser to return to blog)

Morning light


Silly Sadie

Charley in snow

Catkins in ice

Belle in snow


Black Jack's Carol said...

Good news, indeed. And those pictures really are post card perfect. I especially love the one of Martin. Enjoy your visit with Emma!

Anonymous said...

Wow you did get quite a dump!!!
You will be happy to know that Crofton only got about 1 inch and it's all gone now.


Janice Gillett said...

You are feeling better as even your snow is beautful today!

Loved the picture of Martin too, its beautful of him.

Colleen said...

Gorgeous photos Jean!

I guessed I missed're moving to the island?

I'm glad you found the perfect place for you and all your critters!!

Jean said...

Hunde Haus - yes, I'm retiring and moving to Crofton. Read all about it here: