Friday, February 13, 2009

You know our mama's sick when....

she's watchin' daytime TV! She doesn't like TV much at all, but watching Judge Judy and Dr. Phil is a sign of real inertia for her. She doesn't even want to take us out for walks in the pasture cuz all she does is bark bark bark. (I don't get it - she doesn't let US bark continuously but it's okay for her??? She sez she's not barking, she's coughing, but I can't see any difference!)

An' one moment she's huddled in a down comforter to try to stop shivering, and the next moment she's complaining how HOT it is. We hopes she gets better sooooon! We is getting bored, bored, bored! Anyone wanna come play wiv us?

Princess Belle is moving around better, but the pain killers (Tramadol) left her with liquid poops (unless she's now got whatever I had the other week), so mama took her off it as soon as she seemed to be more mobile. Belle has pancreatitis, so mama tries to keep her insides as healthy as possible.

When mama feels better, she has some exciting news to share. But right now she's being a slug. Every now and then I stick my nose in her face just to make sure she's still alive. Most of the time, though, I know she's alive because of the

Love, Sadie.


Janice Gillett said...

What a bummer, hope it doesn't last as long as mine did. I finally had to get meds Jean and drinking green tea helped too. Wish i could come over and help , bring some soup but i am just getting my strength back with all that ahs happened down here while fighting that flu bug. And can you beleive Rockford Files is still on.. haha Wash your hands tons be aware of the pigs being able to cath this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sadie you forgots to mention that mama's not answering her phone or returning voicemail messages - she's completly losted her voice! I don't know how she could lose her voice; she's usually vewy organized and doesn't lose stuff - well, 'cept sometimes her mind.

I tried lookin' for it for her, but I don'tz know what it looks like, only what it sounds like. I looked everywheres for it but I don't see nuffin that looks like a voice.

Oh, wait, I wonder if it is hiding in my Kong??? Better go check...


mike said...

I've been watching the Price is Right, have the same cold and am finally starting to feel better. it seems everyone I talk to has this stupid thing.

I can't believe the Rockford files are still on, that's hillarious! Just dated myself there, didn't I, lol.
I'm sure thankful for night TV though as it's been keeping me company during the night as I have been coughing too much to sleep.

Feel better soon!

Ruby Isabella said...

When you are sick, the only way is to be a slug. My person Tim sometimes calls himself a slug but that's usually when he is being lazy.
I'm sending lots of healing vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sadie for checking on your Mom - keep us posted, o.k.?

Get well soon Jean - this horrid flu/cold is EVERYWHERE....


Black Jack's Carol said...

You tell your Mom healing thoughts are coming from this way, too. I am not a meds person, but when that hanger-on cough happens, I take NeoCitran - Extra Strength, and it has to say "Cough, Cold and Flu" on the front of the package. It lets me get a good night's sleep - maybe worth a try.

Can't wait to hear the news!

Anonymous said...

Taking it easy and being a slug is the best way to beat the flu so you go girl and also the rest of you suffering.
I didn't feel well well yesterday either and spend most the day in bed, had a sauna and a hot brandy and feel way better today. Don't get jealous now. I'm dog/house sitting and they have the sauna and satelite TV so I could watch Animal Planet, much better than Judge Judy.LOL
So you all get better,