Sunday, November 25, 2012

We hazza visitor!

By Eddie.

We hazza visitor, and my Mama sez she's gonna be wiv us fer quite a while.

You've met her before - she visited us in June wiv her human and some other friends.  And last year too (but I didn't live here then, I wasn't adopted by Mama Jean until eleben months ago).  And peoples who haz been reading this blog for a looooong time met her when Mama still lived in the Fraser Valley and had herding dog garden parties wiv Charley and Sadie and Belle and Oliver and a bunch of other pointy-nosed dogs.
Have you guessed yet?


She's come to live wiv us until early February while her hoomans are working in another country.

I think I'm going to like having a collie sister for a while.

Welcome, Riley!  I can't wait to show you mah favorite park again!

Love, Eddie. 


georgia little pea said...

All I can think of while reading this is, I wish you were here. Having so much trouble finding someone (we can trust and who doesn't cost a bomb) to look after our princess for 2 to 3 months. Sigh sigh sigh.

Patience-please said...

Happy times!

Patience-please said...

Happy days! (It has taken me six tries to get past the word identity. I'll try again now, but then I must give up.)

Jean said...

Ha ha - you made it through twice, Patience! I hate the word identity thing, but it seems to be the only way to keep from being flooded with spam. I just wish they would make it a bit easier to read. I share your frustration with it.

Jean said...

Georgia, if you didn't live way down under, I would look after you in a heartbeat!!!

Anonymous said...

Eddie what a pretty sister you will have for some time. Archie will be jealous.