Friday, November 9, 2012

Two Happy Tails

First Happy Tail:

Guess who sent me a pupdate photo?  Gerri and Don, who adopted Major Bo Jangles!  Remember him?  One of  foster dog Lucy's ten pups who were born here in 2010?  He was the subject of "The Magic of the  Quilt".  (If you joined the blog readership since then, do click on the link to read his story. It will have you smiling all day long!)

Here's a picture I took of him as a baby:

And today!

Major Bo Jangles
Just before his second birthday

Sure looks like there might have been a German Shepherd somewhere in his genes. And those long, long legs obviously didn't come from Mama Lucy Loo!

Major Bo's family and I are hoping to take the dogs walking together soon.  I'll be sure to take a zillion photos.

Second Happy Tail: 

Georgi and Sadie B went home last night.  That's not the "happy" part.  The happy part is how well Sadie and Eddie get on together.  They've always gotten along just fine on our frequent walks, though they don't actually  'play' together - their walks were more a case of well-mannered indifference.  But this week I saw a distinct difference in their customary indifference to each other - by yesterday morning, they were walking side by side on trails, lying side by side on the grass in the back yard, and seeking each other out around the house.

Eddie and Sadie B on trail
(Eddie is sitting on Sadie B's long line!)

Eddie is looking for Sadie B. this morning.  He really liked her company.  Truth be told, I think he mostly liked that I took the two of them to Osborne Bay Park every day (it's much easier to give young Sadie B enough exercise with a long line and with Eddie off leash, than trying to walk both of them on leash around town), and that there are more treats offered when Georgi and Sadie B are here.

Yesterday was another gorgeous day at the park.

Sunshine makes me happy!

Sadie B. looks out to Sea

Playing hide and seek!

Hmmmm....what's that over there?

Stinky stuff to roll in!!
Sadie B!  You're so silly!  P--ewwww! 

Sadie washed off in the ocean, then we headed home where the dogs hung out in the yard while I mowed the  lawn - hopefully for the last time until spring!  Then I washed the windows outside and in, so as much winter sun as possible could light up our lives, and then we all had a nap. It was a very good day.

Happy Tails


georgia little pea said...

I do remember Bo. He's grown a lot and definitely has some shepherd!

Looks like Sadie B and Eddie are good friends now. I think Georgia could really do with a housemate of her own kind, but sadly, we just can't have 2 at the moment. I'm glad you're having some sunshine! We're back to hail X

Jean said...

GLP, that's the beauty of looking after friends' dogs! (Or fostering, for that matter!). Your dog gets the companionship, but you're not making a permanent commitment. And I'm always amazed at how easily my dogs have accepted other dogs coming and going in the house - they sometimes look for the missing friend for a few hours the next morning, but then it is life as normal.

Caroline said...

Who would have thunk that little Bo would turn into such a big handsome Bo? It's so nice to see that update. Wonder how the others are doing and how miss Lucy is doing as well.

Sadie B always looks frumpled compared to Eddie. Love that about those two, they each explore life on their own terms.

Anonymous said...

Bo turned into one handsome dude.
It looks like Eddie and Sadie B had a lovely time at the beach. It was lovely to see the sun out.