Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Doggy Pictures

I can't seem to motivate myself to sit at the computer these days - my apologies to those waiting for the rest of the photos from last Sunday's walk with Major Bo.  My flu is pretty much over except for a lingering cough that goes on and on and on..... So, finally, I got back to editing pics.  This is an assortment of the dogs at the park last Sunday;  I'm still working on a series of Major Bo in the river. Hopefully, I'll have that up tomorrow.

So, here's more of Lucy's itty bitty pup, Major Bo Jangles at two years old:

Major Bo Jangles

Such a handsome boy!

And full of energy.....

and curiosity that sometimes gets him in
sticky situations.

While he's trying to work his way out of that one, let's check on.........

Digger, the cutest chocolate lab pup ever....

....who knows just how to make 'puppy eyes'
in order to coerce treats from camera lady.

He's more a 'sniffer' than a 'digger'!

Eddie quite liked this little girlie

Another one joins the fun

Along with sweet sheltie Piper

Oops, Major's back - with stick in tow

A few more friends join in

Of course, every dog is a good dog where treats
are involved!
Line forms of the right, boys!

A bag of treats in the pocket will keep a dog close!

Time to head home


georgia little pea said...

Your dogs are very polite! Ours queue in a circle so they're equidistant from the treat lady!

I hope that flu goes soon. It's almost holiday season and you don't want to be sick with a ton of things to do, right? X

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pics. of the dogs!
The one of Major in the leaves is very cool -from an artistic point of view-

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of all the dogs. That looks like a great place. Where is it.