Sunday, November 11, 2012

And Guess Who This Is?

Another of Lucy's 'little' pups!  This is Hubbard, at two years old.  Sure looks a lot like Major Bo Jangles but with a brindle coat.

Here's Hubbard as a pup,

Baby Hubbard

And another of him today:
Hubbard, age two

Leah, Hubbard's mom, writes that Hubbard is full of love and licks for everyone.  His only vice is escaping the back yard to visit his doggy friend Winter who lives behind them.  This is Hubbard and Winter playing:

Hubbard and Winter at play

Thanks so much for the pupdate, Leah.  Any more of Lucy's family out there in blogger land?

And.....stay tuned.....Eddie and I went for a walk in the park with Major Bo and his humans today.  Two hundred ninety six photos of nonstop motion to edit.  I'll try to get the best of them up in the next day or two.


Caroline said...

oh wow, another gorgeous big dog! Love the colour of his coat!
After falling in love with Miss Lucy and reading all those weeks of you being nurse to her and her brood, it is such a thrill to see grown up versions of the babes we all fell in love with.
An update on Miss Lucy would be great as well!

georgia little pea said...

What?! Under 300 shots? Jean, you're losing your touch ;)

Oody hell. It's blowing out there and I'm supposed to be varnishing some door and window frames today. GRRR.

Wendy Hamilton said...

Handsome pups.. must be such a comfort to know that the pups you fostered are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Another one of Lucy's pups that turned into a looker. Definately a long legged dad in there. I too wonder how the others look now and how Lucy is doing.


Anonymous said...

The long legged dad looks like "rottie mix" to me.
(I can't resist 'guessing" on breeds... kinda like the impulse to guess on "astrological signs")

Unknown said...

How wonderful that you get updates on the pups :) Beautiful!