Monday, November 5, 2012

A Fine November Morning, An Entertaining Night

After several days of dreary, very damp weather, we awoke today to a light breeze, soft clouds in a blue sky, and SUNSHINE!  Well, actually, it was dark when we awoke.  In fact, one could say it was the middle of the night.  Eddie and Allie just don't get this whole time change thing, and I've been unable to persuade them that the new 4:30 AM is just a bit too early even for me.

But when the light finally emerged, it came with sunshine and white puffy clouds and patches of blue.  Eddie and I headed off to the beach, where we ran into others walking their dogs,

And crows out for a paddle in the rain pools,

Whatcha looking at, Lady?
Ain'tcha never seen a bird wading before?

And November gladiolus trying bravely to unfurl and wave its beautiful flowers down by the seawalk,despite looking a little the worse for wear from yesterday's steady rain.

We would have headed to the park but I had commitments for the rest of the day.  I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow....and for several days. Georgi and Sadie B arrived this evening to stay for a few days, and nice weather always makes multi-pawed households so much easier to manage!

Georgi headed straight for her favourite bed and settled in for a snooze.


Sadie B., who is a very talkative girl (not barking, but woo-woo-woodling as if carrying on a fascinating conversation), has been trying to persuade me to go play ball  with her even if it is pitch black out there. When talking didn't work, she climbed up on my lap and washed my face.  Personality plus, that girl is.  And very persuasive.  Hopefully she will settle for an evening walk instead.
Excuse me, Auntie Jean, I'm trying to tell you something!.
(I really must try to get her vocalizations on video!)

Eddie is happy because they arrived with lots of treats to share.  Allie, on the other hand, is glaring at Sadie B and muttering something about "Just wait until you go to sleep, dog!"

"Stoopid Dogs!"

Animals are so much more entertaining than television.  Of course, almost anything is more entertaining than television.

Here's hoping the morning will bring another day like this one:


Wendy said...

Love the pics. especially the ones of the Crows.
I LOVE Crows... incredible birds; so beautiful, smart and cheeky.

georgia little pea said...

I beg to differ. I find telly very entertaining, especially Survivor, Braquo, Nikita, Rome, Dexter and Boss. Surely you watch Boss?

Okay, so what was I about to say? I hate daylight saving. Georgia always gets confused the first few days. I think doggies go by the amount of light in the sky. What do you think?

That gladiolus shot is startling!

I shall be glued to telly tomorrow. The elections LOL :) X

Dom said...

Georgi is just too freakin' cute!

Jean said...

GLP, I had to google Boss to see if it was the reality show I was thinking of - it wasn't. I watched ten minutes of a reality show with "boss" in the title once. The Boss with Kelsey Grammer is not a show I've seen - though I do like Kelsey Grammer and the plot sounds interesting. Maybe I don't get that channel - I have only basic cable.
Can't stand Survivor, tried Nikita once and it didn't grab me, and haven't heard of the others. About the only shows I watch are Flashpoint, Person of Interest, the occasional show on Home and Garden network, and some reruns of shows that were popular when shows were actually creative and interesting and self-contained in one episode (I hate reality shows that are totally un-real. I also dislike today's serialization of drama - what I call soap-opera television - which seems to use a lot of teenage-looking actors holding important positions as doctors and police chiefs and lawyers, all sleeping with everyone they meet). Maybe Australian TV is better than what we get here.
As for daylight savings time, I agree absolutely that doggies go by the amount of light in the sky - to a point. Eddie wakes as soon as dawn begins, or at 6:00 AM, whichever comes first.