Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A walk in the park with Major Bo Jangles

I'm still editing some of the many, many photos I took on Sunday, when Lucy's offspring Major Bo Jangles and his humans (Gerri and Don) met Eddie and me for a walk in McAdam Park in Duncan.  It was an overcast morning with a little drizzle, but everydog and his/her human were there that morning.  And Major Bo seemed to know most of them.  Here's a few of my favourite pics:

First, Major Bo Jangles - beautiful, water-loving, energetic, sweet, good natured, fun fun fun:

Major Bo Jangles, age 2

Watching for fish

A little to the left, please

Water Baby

We ran into a friend of Gerri and Don's daughter, with her five month old chocolate lab, Digger.  I love labs, and this guy was personality-plus, and every bit as well socialized as Lucy's pups were.  He was also very curious about the camera and the treats in my pocket, so some of the photos of him came out like this:

Whazzat thing?

But once he got used to me, we got some better shots:

Digger, age five months


Major and Digger had a great time playing, though I think Major Bo Jangles had the upper paw:

I surrender!

This beautiful black great dane cross was adopted from the Victoria SPCA a couple of years ago:

Cookie please?

And this little cutie was adopted from the Cowichan and District SPCA a week or so ago:

Who says there's no small dogs available in BC shelters?

I fell in love with this beautiful sheltie, Piper - reminds me very much of Oliver:

Piper and friend

And what would a blog post on dogs be without a picture of Eddie?

Eddie enjoys his outing

I'm fighting the flu (and the flu has won), so that's all for tonight.  But stay tuned for more photos of Major Bo and his many friends in the park.  It was a fun walk which I hope we'll repeat again soon.  Anyone wanna join us?

Come for a walk with me!

[Note - if any of the owners of the dogs in this blog want the full digital image of photos that have been posted here, please contact me via the link at the side and I'll send it to you.] 


Dawn said...

Jean, your photos are wonderful (as usual). I love the last one which shows so much personality and grace.

Sorry you are feeling bad. Is there still such a thing as the "24 hour flu"? If so, I hope that's what you have.

EvenSong said...

It's hard to imagine that that lovely fellow came from short, squat Miss Lucy! But he looks like a good guy, as do all the other friends. Eddie remains my favorite, though.
I am home with sinus/migraine, so I can empathize a bit with you. Get well soon!
(Sandy and I would go for a walk with you guys, but...we both have to get a passport. ;-D )

georgia little pea said...

How nice to meet the other dog citizens of your island. A good motley crowd. Your walks are always so serene and private that it comes as a bit of a shock that there are other 4-leggeds around! My favourite is the one with the big nose of course! :D Hope you got some good sleep. I am knackered myself.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Wonderful to get these updates of Hubbard and Bo Jangles, Jean. I will never forget your time with Lucy's pups and I didn't even meet them, so I can imagine how indelibly etched that experience is in your memory. Your heart, I can imagine, is just singing as the news sinks in that these members of the litter have such an idyllic life. I'm also thrilled to see how Eddie and Sadie have bonded.