Monday, November 19, 2012

Major Bo goes Fishing

This is the last of the series I took on an outing with Major Bo Jangles, one of  my previous foster dog Lucy's pups, now two years old. Can't wait to go out with him and his humans again!

Hmmm.....wonder what's in here?

I smell FISH!

Here, fishy, fishy!
I want to play with you!

Any fish here?
No, can't see any.

Maybe over here?

Where are those fishies?

I'm sure I smell them.
Must be getting close.

Major:  What?  I'm busy fishing!
Humans:  Look behind you, silly boy!

Oh, there you are!
Wanna play with me, fishy?

Oh, yuck, it's dead!

I'm outta here!

I think I'll find me some dogs to play with. 


Caroline said...

ROFL! What a ham!

Brigid said...

What a great sequence! Thanks for this morning's smile!

Anonymous said...

Ok you got me again. You seem to be finding all these new places. Grace Rd or ????


Jean said...

Ha ha - Else, you know this place - it's McAdam Park in Duncan!

georgia little pea said...

HAHAHA! Major BO, did you just waste a perfectly yummy dead fish? That would have fed me for days!

Anonymous said...

He's VERY handsome.
How do you get the great action shots?
Is setting on sport?

Jean said...

Georgia Little Pea, you know full well it would have done a lot more than just 'fed you' - you would have rolled in it, eaten it, gotten sick, needed a bath, and made your Typist's life miserable for at least 24 hours if you had found that dead fish! Silly dog!

Jean said...

Wendy, I mostly use the sport setting for the action shots, but also use other automatic or manual settings with the 'continuous shooting' option activated so I can just click click click click - one or more will be in focus and good, the rest will be discarded.

Jen Green said...

He's a lovely looking boy! Thanks for the photos....

Jen and the mainly black dog crew
(we're back!!! :) )