Saturday, February 25, 2012


The weather forecaster was wrong.  It didn't snow.  Okay, maybe there was a wee little bit at the summit of the Malahat on the way down to Victoria, and it was blowing snow for all of a minute or two at the summit on the way home.  But in between?  Amazing.  An amazing day.  Sunny, windy, crisp, productive, relaxing, invigorating, beautiful, incredible. 

I found the walking shoes I wanted within minutes of arriving in the city.  I picked up the photo supplies I needed next - and there was even a parking space right by the store.  I went to the fabulous World's Best Wildlife Photographers' exhibit at the Royal Provincial Museum. 

And then......then I went to Beacon Hill Park.  And to the beach along Dallas Road.  And I took photos.  Photos of flowers and photos of birds and photos of waves.  And more photos of flowers, birds and waves.  Three Hundred and Forty Eight Photos of flowers, birds and waves.  

I think these two are possibly my favourites. 

Peacock in the Park

Breaking Waves

But there's still three hundred forty six more for me to select from. For those you will have to wait.


Funder said...

Can we vote? I vote MORE PEACOCKS! And peahens, they're just as beautiful but more tasteful :)

So glad you got a good day out!

Caroline said...

are those windsurfers in the second picture? Top right.
The second is my favorite because there is something that mesmerizes me about the ocean.

Jean said...

You are correct, Caroline - there were tons of windsurfers out yesterday. I think some of my other photos have captured them in closer, though none were close enough to get a really good shot.

Jean said...

Funder, I do have more peacock shots to post. Strangely, although there were many peacocks wandering around the park, I didn't see a single peahen. Perhaps they are already sitting on eggs?

Mark said...

I hope you enjoyed the exhibition Jean. The photo titled on the tracks of a coyote was taken by a friend of mine, Martin Cooper. He's originally from England the same as me and has been in Canada for about 8 years.He lives in Burnaby, and gets up early for work during the week. He gets up just as early on the weekends and walks around the area with his camera (he doesn't drive). He has taken some wonderful pictures 1 even became a Canada Post stamp a few years ago.

Jen said...

Beautiful! I love Beacon Hill Park- haven't been there for a few years now, but I have lovely memories of that place.

Thanks for sharing!

Jen and the mostly black dog crew