Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ducks, ducks and more ducks

I've spent all day going through the 348 photos I took yesterday in Victoria, and have deleted perhaps two thirds of them.  The rest I have grouped by topic - birds, blooms, beaches (and a miscellaneous category) and I'll post some of my favourites from each category (or a subcategory) over the next few days.  Today, the topic is Birds - Part One.  Just the ducks.  Tomorrow I'll do the peacocks.

And for those who come to this blog just for the dogs......

Well, that's just ducky! 
What am I?  A duck-tolling retriever?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos,
... and those dogs of yours have such a great sense of humor!!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I especially liked the first colourful photo, and the last one with Sadie's hilarious contribution. (My mother always used to say, "That's just ducky.") Seems like mallards and wigeons are the ducks of choice in both Vancouver and Victoria. I'm so glad you enjoyed your day. Loved that peacock photo from the last post, and will look forward to more in the next.

Dom said...

I heart ducks!