Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hallway Hazards and Laptop Laggards and Spying on Spye

I find it amusing how my critters are pairing up.  Sadie and Eddie seem to delight in sitting or lying side by side, usually in a hallway or doorway, blocking all traffic flow in either direction.  These aren't great photos (hard to grab a camera without tripping over them) but give you an idea of this silly twosome:

Whazzat, mom?  Move?  Whadyamean?

Are you ever going to move away from that computer, mom? 

Allie and Petey, on the other hand, vie for a place on my lap.  As long as Petey is slightly off to one side of my lap, Allie the cat will claim her rightful place after giving him a good sniff and sometimes a slight swat on the head.  And there I sit, trapped by two laptop laggards who will sleep on my lap for hours on end.  Unfortunately, as soon as I try to focus the camera for a shot of this twosome, Allie flies off my lap.  She fears she will get kicked out of the "Cats Rule, Dogs Drool" Club if I post a picture of her sleeping with the enemy.  (And don't tell anyone, but they also both sleep on my bed together). 

And our newest guest, Spye, has now moved over to the feeder which hangs just outside the livingroom window.  Normally, the little birds that feed there provide an interesting reality show to keep Allie occupied, and Allie sings and chirps and meows her approval.  She is not, however, too sure what to make of the pigeon - it is, after all, nearly as big as she.  And so she sits and watches Spye watching her.

Spying on Spye

And a couple of updates:

Petey had his follow up vet visit today and all is well - he has rehydrated, his dental surgery has healed nicely, and he is back to being the demanding little divo he was meant to be. 

Eddie had his pre-neuter appointment for bloodwork and exam.  That limp I was concerned about may be a cruciate problem, and despite the former owner claiming she had never noticed a limp, his vet records which we sent for show that he was taken to the vet last fall with concerns of a 'chronic limp'.  Oh yay.  Still, he is managing 3 - 5 km a day now (split into two daily walks), and only occasionally shows signs of soreness.  It is certainly something we shall monitor closely, and probably means no agility or other dog sports for this boy.  His neuter and dental is scheduled for March 6th. 

And Sadie is holding her own, and doing well on the predisone and frequent meals for her insulinoma.  As the life expectancy post diagnosis for non-surgical insulinoma dogs is only 2-6 months, and Sadie had her first collapse last May, I am more than delighted that she is doing so well - no collapses since day 2 of the treatment, and no further development of her symptoms.  She is managing two short (really short) walks daily, but has picked up the pace a little and shows enthusiasm as we head down the block.  Perhaps she will be one of the lucky ones who lives another five years. 

And, last but not least, the weather is still variable, changing - literally - with the wind. We have had wind, rain, fog, sun, and even frost and black ice. I think this is my favourite shot of the week, taken on my way to Duncan as the sun momentarily burned through the mist:

Sunlight through mist, Osborne Bay Road


georgia little pea said...

I understand doggie obstacles. I think it's their way of telling us who's in charge.

Mostly good news, health wise. Pity Eddie's previous owner wasn't honest. it's unknown, unrevealed stuff like that that often makes adoptions go pear shaped. Lucky for Eddie, he got you :) Sadie's life at the moment all sounds so familiar to me. Fingers crossed for a few more GOOD years. How are you keeping up with the 5 daily feeds? At least Spring is around the corner, and there won't be 12 muddy paws to wipe.

Yes, very pretty picture.

Dawn said...

Jean, this is a really lovely photo of the trees. I think I know just about where it was taken.

There is always uncertainty with our furry friends, isn't there? But they bring so much love. Definitely worth it.

Black Jack's Carol said...

That last photo is spectacular, Jean, and I also really like the one of Allie spying on Spye.

Yes, Black Jack's foster mom said nothing about her luxating patella condition (in both knees!), even though it was obvious as we walked down the steps from her house. The good thing is since she's been with me, it seems to have gotten better and better (touch wood!). LIke you, I knew she had come into my life for better or worse, and nothing would make me consider giving her back. I suppose, before meeting her, if she had told me, I might have reconsidered, and would have missed out on a wonderful dog. I wonder, now that I think of it, if she even noticed it, as she had a ridiculous number of dogs running around. I know that the rescues you work with are more ethical, but just as in horses, it's amazing how many injuries can lie dormant, so if the original owner isn't upfront, it can be easy to miss problems. Phew! I've gone on and on. The bottom line is your post really spoke to me :) Great fun to see the way your charges are pairing up.

Oh, you might be interested in this site. The "author" is Buffy, who owns Jean, of "The Culture Class" fame . Jean has used conservative management and a brace for a cruciate injury. That link will show you a picture of the brace.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Sorry, Jean. I meant to say, The Culture Clash, not class.

Anonymous said...

Great picture Jean and so funny about Allie and Petey. I'm sorry to hear about Eddie's cruciate problem. Depending on the severity he may not need surgery if he it kept to a sedate life style. I wonder if the leg is the raason he refuses to do stairs.