Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blooms and Old Dogs

For my friends on the mainland, who are slipping and sliding through snow once again, here is a taste of  springtime on the island.  I took these at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria last weekend - a little further south of us and in an urban park well maintained by dedicated gardeners.  We do have lots of blossoms in Crofton, too, but we're not quite as far into spring as Victoria:


and whole fields of crocuses


And whole bushes of rhodos

Carpets of yellow flowers, whose name I've forgotten

and daffodils

Red Currant (I think?)

Winter heather, snowdrops, teeny violets and other sweet surprises

More blankets of yellow

And more fields of crocusses
(with a little dog who was quite determined to be in the shot!)

And, for the dog people, a few shots of one of my favourite old dogs, Archie, who stayed overnight with us a few days ago while his mama Else was at away:

There are few things more beautiful than an old dog's face!


EvenSong said...

Love Archie's white eyelashes!

But you're teasing us with your flowers. :-(

georgia little pea said...

Archie looks very comfy at your place.

You guys are getting ahead of yourselves. Isn't it just the very first day of Spring? Could those flowers be helibores?

Anonymous said...

I think the pink flowering shrub is witch hazel. Too bad you couldn't capture the lovely scent for us as well!

Anonymous said...

are those yellow flowers peri -winkle?

Jen said...

Does my heart good to see flowers and shots of comfy old dogs. :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Jen and the mostly black dog crew

Anonymous said...

I meant primrose. I think those flowers are primrose!