Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parting Shots

This is the last of the series of photos from my day in Victoria last weekend. Tomorrow, I'm off to the mainland for a few days. My friend Margaret will be staying here to care for the dogs and cat, while I visit my mom and Emma, and hopefully get in a quick visit to Hearts on Noses to see Janice and the piggies. I'm also looking forward to breaking bread (ok, drinking wine.....) with my long time friends Ann and Ken with whom I'll be staying. It's been far too long.

Hmmmm... if I can take 348 photos and get four blog posts out of one day in Victoria, how many photos will I take and how many posts from several days on the mainland? Check back next week!

Meanwhile, may these photos hold you for a few days:

Stone bridge in Beacon Hill Park

From the trail along Dallas Road


Flying high

Windy day

Bye for now!


georgia little pea said...

I miss you already! Safe travels and bring back lots of stories. Especially if they're about piggies. Hugs :) x

Ellen Nickerson said...

I will be looking forward to your posts next week. safe travels and have a nice visit.

Dom said...

Absolutely beautiful.

georgia little pea said...

when you come home from your holiday, after you've unpacked and kissed the critters and gone for a walk and wiped their muddy paws, i'm afraid...

...i've tagged you!

[it's a horrendous blog game that you can choose not to play but i thought i'd tag you anyway.] x

Caroline said...

Jean, your pictures are such a treat!
I love the nature ones, and then the animal ones melt my heart!

Just letting you know how much your photographic skills are appreciated!

Mark said...

Great photos as usual Jean. Perhaps you ought to enter some of these photography competitions, who knows maybe you will get a trip to the Natural History Museum in London to collect an award one day or some other great place. Your bird pics should do it especially the foggy morning ones.