Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'll string them up by their toenails!

Is there something in the air?  Something in the water?  The dogs are driving me batty.  For the past two days, Petey and Eddie have done nothing but whine, whine, whine, bark, bark, bark.  The only time they stop is when they are stuffing their faces ( Eddie) or sitting on my lap (Petey). 

And Sadie, though she doesn't bark or whine, has been driving me batty by being clingy.  Everywhere I turn, every time I move, she's right there.  I can't lift a foot or bat an eyelash without her jumping up and checking what I'm doing. 

"Every breath you take/every move you make/every step you take/I'll be watching you."

I tell ya, I'm gonna string them all up by their toenails if this keeps up.

I have thrown all three dogs outside more times than I can count today.  The shock of being thrown outside shuts them up for a minute or two. But that hasn't helped me get any work done, because then I keep running to the back door to make sure they are safe, quiet and not annoying the neighbours. 

Petey and Eddie both think they are starving.  I have decreased their rations as they are both too plump, and even with the addition of green beans as a filler, they still constantly head to the kitchen hoping for food. And whine when it isn't forthcoming.  Even Allie the cat is meowing and chirping and hollering for food.

In frustration I feed them an hour early, giving them generous quantities to fill their tummies and shut them up.  Sometimes my sanity has to take precedence over their waistlines. 

Thank goodness I am getting a respite day on Saturday, when my friend Margaret is coming to stay with the dogs for the whole day while I zip down to Victoria to take in the Wildlife Photography Exhibit at the Royal B.C. Museum and to hunt for some new walking shoes. 

So why does the weather forecaster says it is going to snow Saturday?  SNOW.  I don't drive in snow.  Especially not over the Malahat. 

If his forecast is correct,  I am going to string him up by his toenails too.


georgia little pea said...

HAHAHA!!! sorry for laughing at your discomfort and whiney dogs. at least it makes a good story. your poor friend.

drive safe :) x

Funder said...

Cersei is bored by all my renovations. She expresses her boredom by staring at me all day, every day. The staring increases in amplitude by noon, because she gets fed at 4 pm so she's dying of hunger at noon. Like you, I've broken down and fed her early a couple of times... but that just means she's starving earlier in the day the next day!

Fingers crossed for your weather!!

47 said...

Just a thought, but maybe stop feeding them in bowls. Instead, stuff a kong with their kibble, and give that to them as many times as it takes until their ration is complete or the kong is empty. This both occupies the brain, slows down the meal, and keeps them from pestering you for a little while at least.

Jean said...

47 - Eddie does get many of his meals in a treat ball or kong, or even just hidden/scattered around the mudroom. It doesn't slow him down much, nor stop him from thinking he's starving two hours later. Petey, who is blind and deaf and old and tiny, would have great difficulty with anything except the shallow bowl he currently uses - especially since his food is wet, not kibble.

Funder, you may be right about staring and boredom. With Sadie's insulinoma, her walks are considerably shorter and slower so she doesn't get the same outdoor stimulation she used to get. And she has no interest in toys - never has - or other indoor games. However, I also think she is scared of me disappearing like her good buddy, Charley, who passed away just before Christmas, did.