Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another lost sheltie (and other missing dogs)

Missing newly-rehomed sheltie, Justus
Last seen Centennial Park/Cliff Rd in Duncan

Another newly-rehomed sheltie is lost in our area. Ironically, I met Justus and his new owner just days after he was rehomed - they were walking along the seawalk at Crofton, and Eddie and I stopped for a chat.

He is a lovely, well-behaved, very social 14 month old tri-color. However, like many newly rehomed dogs, he is now running scared - and that means things like sociability and recall go out the window. He apparently bolted from his new mom's store near 4th Street and Canada Avenue (near downtown Duncan) on Sunday evening. He has been spotted between Centennial Park and Cliff Rd (towards the hospital, from downtown). In other words, he's still in the general area but likely hiding out in the park. There is quite a bit of bush and greenspace in that vicinity.

I have had email contact with the breeder (a different breeder from last month's missing sheltie, and equally concerned) who is worried sick and doing everything possible to find him. They have been out with a tracking dog which helped narrow the search a bit, they are busy putting up flyers everywhere (no doubt they could use help with this) and they have left a flyer at every house is the area where he was seen. They've passed out cards with his picture/info/contact info to every person on the street, placed ads in the local papers, on the radio, and on the online classifieds, left personal items in strategic places. They are doing all the right stuff.

If you live in the area, please consider helping with the search   (unfortunately, I'm not able to do so at this time). And whether you live in the area or not, please send the information to anyone you know on Vancouver Island or who may know people on Vancouver Island who may in turn know people in Duncan. The more people who know about Justus, the more likely he will make it safely home.

If you can help, or if you spot Justus, please call: Anyes 250-737-1281 or 250-710-6696; Kristin 250-743-2345 or 715-5844; or Anita 250-888-8504.

I have a copy of the poster which I can't upload to Blogger, but feel free to email me using the "contact me" button on the side of the blog, and I will send it to you for attachment to emails, facebook pages, or printing off copies for posting around town. It is in Word doc.x format.

While we're on the subject of lost dogs, the warmer weather seems to have created a plethora of lost dogs in this region. There is also a husky mix, Inca, lost from the Riverbottom Rd area of Duncan, a small white dog missing in Maple Bay, a black lab cross missing in Crofton.....and those are just the ones I've heard about locally.

And for my few Australian readers or for those with friends near Sydney Australia, a blogger friend of mine has posted about a senior, diabetic lost dog near Sydney - if you can help spread the word, please check out this link to my friend's blog, or this link to the relevant facebook page. It is quite amazing how networking can help even from half a world away.

Many other things to blog about - Eddie's visit to Karen's, more lovely fog and sun photos, Petey's funny little behaviours - stay tuned...posts about lost dogs have to take blog priority over pretty pics and funny stories. Please help bring Justus safely home.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jean for your concern for Justus and the other lost dogs and blogging about them. I hope they are all found soon and safely.


Jean said...

Yahoo! According to a message that just came over the recycle network, Justus is now home.

Anonymous said...

What great news!


Jen said...

So glad to hear Justus is home! These posts are necessary, even if they are heartwrenching!! I hope the rest of them are quickly found and returned to their homes.

Happy Thursday Jean and Crew!

Jen and the mostly black dog crew

georgia little pea said...

I'm back! Thank god! I think The Other Half may even have fixed the comp. What a champion!

I'm so glad Justus got found too. Why are there so many dogs missing in your area?! Is it one of those places where dogs are allowed to run around leashfree?

Thanks for the link! I am just fascinated at how this couple did it. I don't know if it was an original idea, creating an FB page. But it's a jolly good one. They're now using it to post vids and pics of Nacho at home, and to ask people to help take down posters if they see one. This is one of those times when I like social networking a lot :)