Monday, February 27, 2012

Peacocks, and a Picnic

On Saturday's trip to Victoria, I drove through Beacon Hill Park while looking for a spot to park near the museum. It was on that first drive through that I knew I was going to spend at least part of the day in the park. After all, where else can you find a traffic-stopping peacock.... who know what a crosswalk is for?

When I returned to the area after visiting the photography exhibit, the peacock had obviously spread the word that I was coming back. One saved a parking space for me, watched me get out of the car, and started following me down the road.

Here, Lady, here's a space for you!

A little to the left....okay, now straighten the wheel....

I hope she doesn't think I'm stalking her

He then posed for me next to a bike stand, after first reading the plaque dedicating the stand to the memory of a young woman who passed away in 2005.

Aw, so sad, she was only twenty....

Okay, enough of that, take my photo!

Oh wait, maybe this is my good side?

Several of his friends came to check things out. They hopped over the nearby fence which marks the parameter of a petting zoo, currently closed. I assume they live there year-round, though there was no sign of any other animals or staff in the locked compound. Clearly, fences, gates and locks don't stop these boys from showing off for the tourists.


Show off

I love the colour of their necks, and their fancy little hats perched on the backs of their heads. And though I took dozens of shots, I still think the one I posted Saturday is my favourite shot of all:

I still have many photos of Victoria's blooms and beaches worth posting, but I must digress to capture today's story while it is fresh in my mind. Eddie had missed his usual beach loop walk this morning, for the first time in many weeks. Around noon, the sun shining brightly and some of my chores completed, I decided to take him on his first outing to my favourite local park - Osborne Bay Park - where fields meet forest and forest leads to ocean. I quickly made an egg salad sandwich and a thermos of coffee for myself, packed some water and a few treats for Eddie, and tucked some slices of apple into a baggie for us to share. It was the perfect day for a picnic, and a perfect place for solitude.

After photographing a few interesting artifacts along the beach,

What is that?  A rusty anchor?

Or King Neptune rising from the surf?

I sat on a log and took out my sandwich, which Eddie eyed longingly. His water and treats didn't cut it, apparently.

May I have some of your sandwich?

Just then, I noticed a movement to my left - an eagle, perched on a dead tree checking the receding tide.

And as I struggled (somewhat unsuccessfully) to focus the camera, trying not to spill the coffee or trip over my backpack,  that little opportunist sheltie STOLE MY SANDWICH!

Yum!  Egg salad!

Gulp, and it was gone. The whole thing. At least he had the grace to look ashamed of himself.

Oops, I guess I shudn't have done that.  Sowwy.

Though I'm pretty sure it was all an act.

Ha ha!  Whatz fer dessert?

Ah well, we still had the apple slices (and Eddie got more than his share), and spent a lovely hour or two walking the beach and the trails back home.

Winter brush in purple


EvenSong said...

Oooh, that little egg-salad-snitchin' poop!

Brigid said...

LOL! I bet he's going to expect egg salad every time you take him there!

Anonymous said...

Your story reminds me so much of a dog my sister owned years ago.

Firstly, a little background on the dog. The lady who sold my sister the dog told her it was a pure bred yellow lab and was a family dog. NOT. Turns out she was used as a breeder to turn out litters of puppies the woman sold. The dog my sister got had never been out of a kennel and didn't even know what grass felt like.

My sister worked tirelessly to turn the dog into a well behaved family companion but the dog had other ideas.

One day at our family cabin, where many gathered and chaos reigned, the dog grabbed someones expensive running shoe and proceeded to chew on it. My sister chased to dog to rescue the shoe. During the chase, my sister tripped on a tree root and fell, twisting her knee. As she lay on the ground in pain, the dog promptly grabbed the sandwich she still had in her hand and gobbled it down. Then the dog, with a huge grin on its face, licked my sister's lips to remove the last of the sandwich!

The whole family roared with laughter and we still talk about my sister's "well behaved" dog to this day.

Anonymous said...

LOL - sorry you lost your sandwich Jean, but I'm not surprised that Eddie helped himself!

Thanks for sharing your outing, what beautiful scenery.

I'm wishing for picnic weather here, but we are supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

There is a lesson to be learned...
Next time you'll just have to remember to make two sandwiches.
One for you and one for Eddie.
Right Eddie?
I share your favorite peacock photo.
It is a winner... and I am looking at the contrast between city/rural parks... nice to visit city parks..but the country nature is unsurpassed i.e. Osborne park.

georgia little pea said...

HAHAHA!!! Eddie is a thief! Like Larry, one of Georgia's would be boyfriends who made off with someone else's bag of treats a few days ago. You must have been so hungry. I think I would have called it a day right there and then. I'm a woos without constant sustenance.

As always, a beautiful walk. That peacock was funny.

Happy leap year and happy Spring! Bugger for us of course :) x

georgia little pea said...

Dear Jean, 3rd time I'm trying to comment on this post. I hate my Internet whatever. I'd best keep it short just in case!

The peacocks captions are hilarious! The scenery is gorgeous as always. As for the dog...BAD BOY, Eddie! I couldn't have gone on from there. I go nowhere without sustenance nearby.

Okay, hope it goes through this time. Happy leap year! x