Saturday, January 14, 2012

We need some balance here!

With all the sad and bad news of the past few days, it's time for a little restful, happy, and even humourous interlude. I'm a firm believer that sanity and survival depend on keeping one's life in balance.

And so....while my friends in the Fraser Valley dig themselves out from many inches of are some photos from my island paradise today:

Osborne Bay, with mill in background
No snow, just a bit of frost and some beautiful red seaweed!

Steady Eddie is getting over his fear of the camera!:

Hai!  It's a beautiful morning!

This afternoon we headed back to Stocking Creek Park to search and put up more posters for London, and enjoyed a few minutes drinking in the beauty of the sun streaming down on this waterfall:

Waterfall in sunlight

Back at home, Allie enjoyed the sunshine too:


I was going through my email, and realized I'd never posted a photo I received a couple of months ago.  Martin, the alpaca I found abandoned on my farm in the Fraser Valley, is clearly enjoying his life with his forever family. His pure joy made me laugh.

Martin and friends get the zoomies

But what made me laugh most of all was a shot I took of foster dog Petey - supposedly to show him enjoying the sunshine. I had pulled a sweater over his tee-shirt as the house was quite cold this morning, but it wasn't until I saw the photo on the computer that I realized he looked like a little old homeless man.

Oh....wait....he IS a little old homeless man.

Who stole mah shopping cart?
What're YOU lookin' at?  Never seen a dog down on his luck?

Balance restored.


Ellen Nickerson said...

I wish I could be more like you.No matter what you always find some sunshine. When I get another dog I am going to name her sunshine as they bring such joy into my life.Happiness comes from within but it is nice to have a couple of furr kids to curl up with.It used to be with a good book but now it is with a Kobo which will never have the feeling of a good book.

Jean said...

Ellen, that is so true! I have resisted the e-book trend because I love the feel and smell and weight of a real book in my hands. Now my quiet moments are spent curled up with a good book AND a dog or two!

Julia Hones said...

Beautiful animals!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Martin and Petey.. just two more that you did right by! That photo of Martin makes the heart sing. As for Petey being down on his luck? Not a chance :)

Sheryl said...

I was thinking about Martin just the other day. What a joyful picture! Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

The photos are lovely- just what I needed today as it snowed a bucketful here in Saskatchewan. :)

Thanks too for the photos of Petey ( What a lovely old homeless man! LOL) and Martin.

Happy Weekend!
Jen and the mostly black dog crew