Monday, January 9, 2012

Sleepless in Saltair

There is a very scared lost sheltie in Saltair and a very worried owner in Saltair tonight. (Saltair in a small community just north of here, between Chemainus and Ladysmith, BC). London, aka London Fog, had just recently arrived at her new forever home when she took off last Friday, January 6th.

She has since been spotted in or near Stocking Creek Park (aka Byron Creek Park), behind Byron market, near the daycare at the nearby school, walking down the railway tracks, and in the vicinity of Knudson and Porter Streets which I believe are just north west of the park. She seems to be hanging around the area, but as she is new to the area she would not know how to get back to her new home, and would be at risk to try to make her way back down island to her old home. The area in which she is missing is a combination of woods, trails, creeks, residential and a busy road or two.

If you live in this area, please help look for London. Perhaps take your dogs for a walk at the very beautiful Stocking Creek Park. Most shelties are very initially very shy of strangers, but she may respond to calls of "Cookie, cookie!" or "Let's go, London!" And no doubt she is very hungry by now.

London is a blue merle sheltie, who would look very much like my Eddie but with some tan markings as well. You can see a photo of her at her breeder's website here.

As I haven't yet spoken directly to the current owner, I am reluctant to put his phone number on the web without permission, but there will be posters around the area with the number clearly listed.

Please help London get home safely.

And if you are responsible for rehoming a dog, or if you have recently added a dog to your family, please remember to keep dogs safe in new surroundings.


Wendy said...

I wonder about a professional.. dog tracker? if one exists here.
Like the guy who was hired to track Whitespot (from T.G.) in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Dear God - please let this little one be found safe and very soon.


Anonymous said...

London Fog, what a lovely name. Here's wishing London a safe return home.

georgia little pea said...

Not another one :(

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed taht London is soon found.