Friday, January 13, 2012

No News, and Sad News.

No News:  There have been no sightings of London for the past few days.  We're not giving up - we are still hopeful of finding her, still blanketing the area with posters, and walking the trails daily.  As an aside, this has been good experience for Eddie, who has been accompanying me and is quickly becoming an old pro at car travel, hiking trails, and even waiting patiently in the vehicle while I talk with other searchers.  I took today off, as I had some other things to take care of, but tomorrow Eddie and I will be back at it. I'm just hoping the forecasted snow bypasses us - so far this week it has been quite pleasant out, and snow or rain would certainly make the search more difficult.

1 year old  lost sheltie
Last seen near Stocking Creek Park, Saltair, Vancouver Island

Sad News:  Sadie's medical tests have confirmed that she has an insulinoma - a tumor of the pancreas.  While in people this is often benign, such is not the case in dogs.  Insulinomas are rare in dogs and nearly always malignant.  As Sadie's liver counts were also elevated, the vet fears it may have already spread - as is often the case by the time a canine insulinoma is diagnosed.

While a younger dog might benefit from surgery, the vet is not recommending it in  12-13 year old Sadie's case - the surgery is very invasive, the 'cure' rate is not high (largely because it has usually already spread), and  recurrances within a year are frequent.  The process of having surgery and being confined in the vets office for several days post-surgery would also be very traumatic for Sadie, who has abandonment issues when kennelled.

There are some drugs that may slow down the overproduction of insulin caused by the insulinoma and slow the growth of the cancer  - they have some nasty side effects and we are still researching and discussing these options.

Sadie in healthier times

Please check back tomorrow for another important post about a dog in need.


georgia little pea said...

I don't know what to say. To get such bad news, so soon after Charley. My mind is racing ahead, as maybe yours is.
So sorry. Big hugs x

Dom said...

Hoping you find London and sending nice thoughts for Sadie. This post is breaking my heart.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Heartbreaking news. I'm so sorry, Jean! My hope is that Sadie is not in pain, and that you can enjoy more quality time together. I'm glad to hear you are not considering surgery. It was only with Scott's gradual decline after being diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, that I came to realize he wasn't in mourning, so I couldn't be either. He was busy getting on with his new reality and making the best of every day. I know you have been through so much with so many animals, so I am not telling you anything new, but I guess news like this brings each of us back to our own experiences. Wishing you the strength to find continued joy for as long as you have with Sadie.

Also sending my best thoughts for London and his worried human. Thank you for all you are doing to help with the search.

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

I just can't imagine how your feeling with this news coming so soon after your Charley. I hope you are able to find a medicine with little side effects to at least slow down the inevitable. Sending big hugs for you & Sadie.