Sunday, January 15, 2012


London is safe!  I was out for the afternoon after doing a quick sweep of the area this morning, and I came home to the wonderful phone message that London was caught shortly after 1:00 this afternoon. 

After 9 days on the run, and a week without a sighting, she returned to the very same property where she had previously been seen.  Gary and Jill, from Chelco Farms (a border collie rescue), had placed a live trap there last week and the breeder had put toys and blankets smelling of London and her litter mates as well as a tasty dish of food.  Sure enough, as lost dogs often do, she came back to that spot.

She did try to run again, but Gary and Jill's dog, Abby, brought her back in and the breeder, Judy, was also there with one of her dogs, so London made the wise choice to let herself be caught.

As the new owners are currently in Alberta  (don't ask what I think of that), I expect London has gone back home with Judy. 

Thank you to all who helped in this search, and especially to Gary, Jill and Judy.  This girl got safely home because of your commitment.

Your message made my day! Heck, it made my whole month!


Anonymous said...

Thank you God for answering prayers. I am so happy, and so relieved that London has been found safely.

Like you Jean, I am also grateful to the folks from Chelco Farms, and Judy, for their diligence to find her.

Question - to the universe I guess - why on earth would anyone purchase a new dog only to go away??

I can sleep better tonight knowing London is safe.


EvenSong said...

Yea! Hooray! And Hallelujah!!
Thanks to all the folks who helped look for her.

Beth said...

Wonderful news. I had the pleasure of being the official photographer for a bunch of the win photos on Judy's website, and was most upset to hear that the beautiful little one had gone AWOL.
Hopefully she stays put now - either with Judy or with someone who is able to keep her well contained until the realization "this is home!" kicks in.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I echo EvenSong's words. Sharon's too. Great news! Okay, I won't ask, because I'm pretty sure I know what you think and I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

What great news. I'm so happy to hear that London has been found. I hope she now gets to go a forever home who know how to look after such a beauty.... I was seriously shocked to hear that the people who were supposed to be her new "people" were not out looking for her every possible minute, and were instead in another province! thank goodness for the wonderful folks who were out there searching and doing everything they could to find her. So glad there is a happy end to this lost dog story.


Ellen Nickerson said...

Unless it was a matter of life and death how could the people go away like that.My thought is I hope London goes to another home.My yard is fenced and decks are gated, if the door leading to the basement is open, I put a baby gate there and I have 2 valley bulldogs who wouldn't know what to do if they did get outside alone except sit at the gate and cry.I let them off leash at the beach and they have plenty of room to run in our yard.-19 and snowing so they are curled up beside a good wood stove.

Anonymous said...

That is great news. With this cold weather I was hoping he would be found and not have to be out in it any longer. I will not comment on the new owners as I am afraid my comments would not be too kindly.


Anonymous said...

Lucky, lucky London! What great friends he has who searched so hard for him. To Judy, Jill and Gary, and you Jean and all the others who helped out -- pat yourselves on the back! You've made such a difference in this dog's life and certainly heartened those of us hoping for this happy ending.

georgia little pea said...

YAY! i never heard of such a trap before. what a great idea.

i trust London won't be returning to her loving and concerned new family.

Jean said...

I know that London is currently at the breeder's home, and glad to be there. I also know the breeder is in discussions with the couple regarding London's best interests.

One thing to keep in mind is that people who buy dogs from breeders sign a contract to purchase the dog. Unlike many rescue group contracts, there isn't usually a clause giving the breeder the right to take the (paid for) dog back. I don't know what this particular breeder's contract says, and it is none of my business, but I do know that the breeder is thinking long and hard on how to ensure London's future safety and well being.
London slept cuddled up to her breeder last night, and other than losing a few pounds, seems physically none the worse for her adventure. Yay London!

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope the breeder does whatever it takes to find a new home for London- with people who are responsible enough to provide a fenced yard, for one thing! - and who care enough about their own dog to stay home and help search for her if she goes missing! What's with that??!

Dom said...


Happy.Bark.Days said...

Fantastic news on the finding of London! Let's hope this gal doesn't try another disappearing act. With the right home, though, I think she'll want to stay put forever.