Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ten reasons why I should just go back to bed

1. It is raining.

2. The back yard is thick with mud (see #1), which makes me mad at myself for not having it landscaped properly last year as I had intended.
3. Twelve paws make a big mess (See # 1 and 2)

4. Petey got up when I was playing on the computer and I ignored his barking a bit too long and he peed on the carpet. I hate cleaning the carpet.

Wazn't mah fawlt - Ah tried to tell ya I needed out!

5. It’s a weekend and I’m waiting for test results on Sadie, which means I have to wait at least two more days. (Sadie has been having frequent collapses, and several hundred dollars later we are still trying to figure out what is going on. More about that next week).

6. Sadie threw up on the carpet – my fault, I gave her a treat which didn’t agree with her - which means (a) I have to clean the carpet – again and (b) her meds were also thrown up, completely whole, and (c) I have to try to stuff more food into her as she now has to eat six times a day or collapse (See #5).

Ah don't feel well - I'z goin' back to bed

7. Eddie is not weightbearing on one leg, which has me worried and also means no walk today  - and potentially another vet bill.

8. I haven’t put my Christmas decorations away and as a young child I learned it is BAD LUCK to have them up after the twelfth day of Christmas, which was yesterday or the day before, I think.

9. My house is a disaster, the dirty dishes are piled high, there are mountains of laundry, I’m stressed about money and dogs, I can't take a long hike because I'm tied to the dogs for feedings and pee breaks (see #4 and #6),  and

10. I’m having a bitchy day.

But, of course, I can’t go back to bed because Sadie needs feeding every three hours, and Petey says he wants attention, and Eddie doesn’t know why he isn’t going for a walk so keeps running (hopping – see #5) to the back door expectantly, and besides, going back to bed won’t get the dishes washed, the laundry clean, the decorations put away, or the house tidied.

So I guess I better suck it up and get to work.

Ha ha, Mama, we knows ya luvs us anyway!


georgia little pea said...

What a horrible day you're having. I can understand how frustrating it is. It sounds like a scene from Mr Thumper days except you have 12 paws, all of which are giving you concern, and I only had 4 to worry about. Sadie's schedule is even worse than Mr T's was!

I hope Eddie's leg doesn't turn out to be an issue. What bad luck if it does. I was so happy for you to have found yourself a youngish problem-free dog for a change.

Here's hoping Sadie's test results turn out OK and that the rain and mud clears next week. Petey is looking much better than in his earliest pictures.

Big hugs xox

Unknown said...

Jean--I know what you mean--the sink is full of dishes soaking in hot soapy water (That is probably cold now), the bed's not made, the few decorations I put up are still up because I don't want to put the "elf" away, It is grey and yucky here and my arthritis is acting up! Took more meds for it and that upsets my stomach (totally understand, Miss Sadie!)
This is just a right off day--will watch Heartbeat and Midsummer Murders (supposed to be the new one) this evening and the write the whole day off as a lost cause.
The critters say HI Jeans! I say Hi Jean! Love Penticton Sad

Jen said...

Hugs! I feel your pain- the house is a mess, the dogs are wanting a run but it's way too icy out for fetch in the yard etc. I am in a bit of a mood too, so I feel your pain!

Here's hoping that they figure out what's wrong with Sadie, Eddie's leg is just fine and that your Christmas tree still up only brings you good luck. :)

Jen and the mostly black dog crew

Ellen Nickerson said...

Maybe a lousy syart to the new year is good as things can only get better. Love your blog and readit daily. I live in Nova Scotia and today is +2 and beautiful sunny skies but one of my sisters passed away this morning so life is not so happy on the inside but we must all keep on dancing. My daughter gave me a little pillow with the saying Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I see Petey is making good use of his new bed.


Black Jack's Carol said...

My thoughts.

1.I'm so sorry for your worries.

2. Maybe just declare this a rest and recover day. Get the worst of the mess cleaned from the carpet. Then, curl up with a book or by the TV, get up to do feedings and pee breaks, and go right back to bed, preferably with at least a couple of the dogs curled up with you. I'm thinking (and hoping) tomorrow may be a lot better.

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

I am a day late to this one. We are hoping today is a better day for you.
Fingers crossed that Eddie just slightly twisted his leg & will be good as new in a day or so & our fingers are crossed that Sadie will get a good diagnosis.

P.S. We used to LOVE storms & did not mind the rain, but now all we can thing about is the big mess that will have to be cleaned up.

ruth said...

Here's to things having cleared up a bit by now - so sorry you had such a crummy day!
Much love to the critters and a virtual hug to you.
Haven't been here in a while, but I am so sad to hear of Charley's passing, and your sister's! May they run happily with each other at the rainbow...
I admire your generosity in acting on Charley's legacy this quickly and taking in Eddie. He's a cutie!!

Dom said...

Sounds like a stay in bed day to me!

Anonymous said...

It's the post-holiday blues! All the festivities and merry-making are over... now it's back to the same old routine. Why not treat yourself to an extended break and call it a new year again at some point in time next week? That's what I plan to do!