Thursday, January 5, 2012

Want some hot chocolate?

Coco:  I'll even come with marshmallows! 

Hot Chocolate, Cocoa, same thing. Or, in this case, Coco. Maybe she's Coco-Nut. But she is an 10-11 year old chocolate lab whose family decided they didn't want her any more, so now she's in the care of the SPCA, waiting for a new forever home.

She had an untreated bladder infection which caused her to 'leak', but medications cleared it up. She gets along with other dogs and cats, and like most labs she loves everyone and loves attention. She loves to go for a good walk, but serious hiking would be beyond her - she's not as energetic as she once was. She'd love a quieter house with a comfy couch and a human or two to love.  You won't find a better, sweeter companion than this.

Please spread the word. Contact the Cowichan and District SPCA (250-746-4646) for more information.

Let's find this girl a home. 


Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Crossing our fingers for this beautiful girl :)

Anonymous said...

The dog walkers say she is a very sweet girl.


Funder said...

I just had a snuggle and discussion with Cersei, and she agrees: Labs are the best. And girl labs are the best of the best! Good luck Coco - you've got a great place to stay while you wait for your forever humans. :)