Monday, January 16, 2012

Fancy Dudes in Fancy Duds

Eddie and Petey received a present today, courtesy of two members of the herding pawty gang. Deb sent Riley's and Ginger Snap's raincoats (Riley got a new one, and Ginger Snap passed away), and now the Wet Coast can be wet again. Of course, the day they arrive we get snow instead. So Petey thinks his parka might be more appropriate, though Eddie has a built-in parka and is very thankful for the cooler covering of a raincoat to keep his thick handsome fur from getting snowed on.
Eddie:  Ah looks like a SUPERHERO!
Petey:  Ah suppose this is better than yesterday's homeless old man look.  Now ah'm
 a well-dressed homeless old man.

Sadie recognized Riley's and Ginger's scents and was most curious:

What the heck?  You don't look like mah pal Ginger Snap!

Petey also received a little sweater - a preppy boy sweater for which he needs a little private school tie. But I think it must have had girly germs on it, because soon-to-be-neutered Frisky Eddie decided he couldn't leave her him alone and kept trying to do things Petey didn't like. A fifty pound chunky monkey can soon flatten a ten pound little old man. Petey showed some spunk by finally growling and swearing at Eddie, which caused the not-so-brave-even-if-much-bigger boy to back off. And I removed the sweater to end further amorous overtures by His Royal Balls.

Eddie is now completely over his fear of the camera. I have been clicker-training him, and coincidentally discovered the clicker sounds almost identical to the click of my camera. So now, when I try to take photos of Eddie, this is what happens:

Eddie's nose. 
"Hey, where's the treats?"

We'll be practising the "Sit/Wait" routine quite a bit, I do believe.

Petey's vet visit has been postponed until Friday. Sadie collapsed again this morning (my fault, as I went to bed early last night so she didn't get her 11:00 pm feeding), and wasn't stable enough by 8 AM  for me to be comfortable either leaving her or taking her with me, espcially with snow in the forecast and a long drive ahead. I err of the side of caution. Perhaps we'll have better luck on Friday when the appointment is a little later in the morning, and the snow is supposed to have passed through.

Ah hope this snow doesn't get too deep.  A little old blind dog
could get lost in just a few inches!

Oh, and more good news - Coco has found a home! 


georgia little pea said...

Dear superhero and well dressed homeless old man, you look so red!! You'll never get lost now, not even if the snow comes back. And ...a big nose shot! I love them. More please x

Anonymous said...

Ah Jean they look so bright, warm and cozy in their new coats.
Watch out Petey it looks like more snow today so don't get lost.


Anonymous said...

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's Super Sheltie and his faithful sidekick! Too cute!!

Glad to see the raincoats will be put to good use, if only this darned snow would stop and we could get back to normal old rain.

Deb S.

Jean said...

Snow? What snow? We have maybe a a centimeter at most here in Crofton. You just don't live in the right part of the province!

Okay, now I probably just jinxed myself, and tomorrow I'll be digging out of a metre of the cold white stuff.