Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well, the good news is.....

Sadie is apparently fine. At least, they can't find anything that explains her lethargy, disinterest, collapse, and weird run of health problems. The xrays show the heart is normal size, no fluid in the pericardial sac, lungs are clear. Her bile acid tests show the liver function is good.

They could do an echocardiograph to test the strength of the heart muscle, or an ultrasound which might pick up stuff an xray can't, but since everything else seems okay the vet doesn't recommend it. So we just continue the antibiotics to clear up the UTI, and continue to watch her for anything alarming.

On the other hand, Charley went to the groomers today, and they reported there was smelly green slime on her back end. I'm hoping she just sat on a slug and it died in her fur. Wouldn't be the first time. But I will keep an eye on things and have her checked out if necessary.

At least the pension cheque arrives in my bank account tomorrow. I think it's spent already. Is it just a coincidence that my vet leaves on holidays tomorrow???


EvenSong said...

No coincidence at all...He knows his mortgage is paid. ;-D

Glad to hear Miss Sadie is better than expected, and sorry for the poor slug! ('cause, for sure, that's all it was.)

Funder said...

Glad to hear Sadie's ok! Fingers crossed for Charley.

georgia little pea said...

good to hear Sadie checked out :) a dead slug in Charley's fur?! now that would be something.

hope this comment goes through. having Blogger/ computer probs all day. typing this on a fiddly phone.

yes, vets have impeccable timing : p

hugs xox

p.s. read your last post. i totally agree. wrote a lengthy comment earlier but lost it all. sigh.