Sunday, June 26, 2011

Crofton Cooks, but not fer me,

By Sagacious Sadie

My mama spent the morning cooking. There’s a new recipe book called Crofton Cooks, sponsored by the Crofton Catering Group. It’s being sold to raise money for an extension to our beautiful Crofton Sea Walk.

Sadie and Charley on the Crofton Sea Walk

Mama is hosting her writing group tomorrow, so she decided to make some of the appetizers and desserts in the book to serve at the luncheon. And she didn’t give us ONE SINGLE BITE! And there’s even a recipe for dog bone cookies in there, that our Auntie Mary from across the street submitted, but did mama make any of those? Of course not.

She made Oatmeal Cookies with Avocado and Pear. Now, I’m not so sure about the avocado part, but they sure smelled yummy and mom made lots of lip smacking noises when she tested a couple. Did we get a bite? Nope. Not even a nibble.

Oatmeal Cookies with Avocado and Pear

Then she made Doreen’s Bars, which are like Rice Krispie squares made with Mars bars and topped with chocolate. Now I know dogs can’t have chocolate (it's toxic to us - that means POI-SON-OUS!), but rice is good fer us ....dunno why she couldn’t leave the chocolate out and give us dogs the rice part.

Doreen's Bars

Next she made Artichoke Squares. Okay, I don’t think I’d be too keen on the artichokes, but oh man, ya should have seen all the cheese and eggs that went into those. I LOVE cheese and eggs!!! They’s practically my favourite things. Next to liver squares. But did she leave the artichokes outta any and make some plain ones for us? Uh uh. Big Meany.

Artichoke Squares

She tried making some cheese balls, but there was somethin’ wrong with that recipe becuz you is supposed to roll it and it is soooo sticky and soft, ya can’t. But mama figures they just got the instructions wrong – it says to roll it into balls, then chill, then bake. She thinks ya gotta chill the dough, THEN roll into balls, then bake. So now the dough is chillin’ and she still hasta roll and cook them. Since there’s nothing in there that we can’t have, maybe we’ll get one each when they are done. But I bet we won’t.

Cheese Ball Dough

And there’s still a couple of things to make. Some meat roll ups – well, there’s pickled ‘sparagus in the middle of them, so she can leave that outta mine, but I’m sure I’d like the meat part. And some smoked salmon cups. Now those sound good too, and nothin’ in them I don’t like or can’t eat. She’s gonna make those things later tonight.

I gotta get me a fridge-opening piggy (like Comet from Hearts on Noses) or beagle (like Gus at Broken Promises Rescue). Then when mama is sleeping, us animals could have us a feast!

If you live in the Crofton area and want your own copy of Crofton Cooks, it’s available at Lito’s, Galleto’s or Ocean Soul for just $10. No need to thank me – just bake me a batch of them dog cookies, please. And maybe some artichoke squares wivout the artichokes!

Love Sadie.
(c) 2011


Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh, Sadie, they look so good! How can you stand it? Not even a bite?? I'm betting your mama is going to let you at least have one small bite of those cheese balls. Let me know how it goes. I'll put in a good word for you if she doesn't come through:)

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't get none of those cheese ball things, Black Jack's Carol. I think I is being starved. In fact, I haz dropped about half a pound since this time last year, according to my doggy doctor. So clearly I need more food.
Maybe some nice person from the writing group will sneak me a crumb this afternoon.
Luv, Sadie

Anonymous said...

Artichoke squares with eggs and cheese? Are you kidding? Yum.

What a great fundraiser for a worthwhile cause. The Crofton Sea Walk is beautiful, can't wait until I'm back there to walk it again!


Anonymous said...

WOW those sure do look good. I bet your writing group enjoyed them.
Poor Sadie. Your Mom does seem like a meanie but with our sensative tummy it for your own good.


Anonymous said...

Artichoke squares, better without the artichokes - that reminds me of something, Jean! They all look delicious and you are very ambitious!


Jean said...

Sharon, I'll send you the recipe - they are absolutely delicious!

Bev, I thought of you as soon as Sadie made that comment! (Bev write comments in her recipe books. Years ago I was leafing through one of her books and cracked up at the comment for a Carrot Cake recipe - "Better without the carrots" !)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jean - comments in old cook books are hilarious, especially that one! If I remember correctly, it was Nut Cake "better without the nuts" - Jean, I was wondering if Doreen's squares turned out well and if so, if you could forward the recipe or perhaps I should get the cookbook!
Bev... Happy Baking!

Jean said...

Bev, Doreen's Bars turned out GREAT (and so easy, too!). I'll send you the recipe. And maybe I should pick up a cookbook for you - but I won't mail it, you'll have to come for a visit to collect it! Heh heh heh!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jean for the recipe! I'm glad I didn't have any artichokes on hand, or I would have made the squares, and likely eaten the whole batch by myself.

Maybe I'll try a half batch soon ;-)


P.S. Have you ever tried adding Sambal Oelek (ground fresh chili paste) to add heat to any recipe? It really works!