Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Letting Sam Go

Sam Jones, 1994-2011

It is never easy. But Sam let me know it was time. His pain could not be managed and he started crying and trembling. And then he looked at me and the message was clear.

I did the only thing I could. I made the call. And I gave Sam two valium to sedate him until the vet could get here. He slipped in and out of consciousness, as the drugs had the desired effect of easing his pain and letting him rest. Every now and then he would look at me with his dark shining eyes, and without moving a muscle or making a sound, he told me he was ready.

The vet came, and together we helped him to pass. It was peaceful and blessedly quick. He didn’t move a muscle during the pre-sedation or the injection, and within a mere second or two, he had slipped away. He was gone.

Sam was a very good dog. We had a wonderful month. Day before yesterday, the day before he crashed, we had one of our best days ever. Sunshine, warm breezes, salt air, sand and sea and someone to walk with. I have no doubt he was very happy.

Margaret and Peter had a wonderful sixteen years with him, and he with them; from the time they adopted him from the SPCA at a year old, he has been an integral part of their family. I am so sorry, Margaret and Peter, for your loss, and that it should happen before you could say goodbye. I have always said that I would prefer to help a dog to pass a week too early than a day too late. And the vet and I both agreed: to wait until tomorrow would have been a day too late. As your new granddaughter made her way into the world, your beloved old dog was preparing to leave it.

Such is the cycle of life – a child is born, an old friend passes on. Sam knew he was very much loved. He knew.

Run free, Sam. Run free, beautiful boy. And welcome to the world, Baby Girl Jones.


Jen said...

OHHH! I can't help but have tears in my eyes... godspeed Sam. Run free at the bridge, no more pain. You are with many of our beloved friends there.

Jean, I believe you did the right thing. Know that you helped him pass gently. My condolences to his family.

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Sending our thoughts and prayers to all who loved Sam.

Anonymous said...

Well Sam, if there is anyplace on earth a dog would choose to spend their last month, I'm guessing it would be at Jean's home, with her love, care and adventures in beautiful Crofton.

Sam, many of our departed and deeply loved four-legged friends will greet you on the other side.

Jean, thank you for your wisdom in listening to Sam tell you it was his time, and not waiting a moment longer.

To Sam's family - my deepest condolences. Thank you for giving a home to a dog in need so many years ago. Take good care of your hearts.


Anonymous said...

This makes me soooo sad. But I echo Sharon's words: how lucky he was to spend his last month with you, and to leave this earth feeling safe and loved with you by his side. As sad as Sam's people will be, they'll be comforted to know this and that his suffering was absolutely minimal, and they'll be thankful for the wonderful long life he had with them. And right now I'm sure Belle and Oliver have taken over his care where you left off and are showing him around.

Tearful hugs to all,
Deb S.

Dom said...

Bawled my eyes out. I'm sorry for your loss. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

RIP Sam, you were in good hands. Hugs to you Jean for having to make this difficult call.

Cathy, Che and Jeepers said...

Good work Jean. you read it just right. They always tell you. Breaks your heart anyway. What a gift you gave Sam a wonderful last month of his life. We all thank you.

Anonymous said...

RIP good boy sorry Jean you had to make the decision but he went in peace with you there...hugs to his family

Anonymous said...

What a bittersweet homecoming for Margaret and Peter. Welcoming their grandaughter into the world and knowing their old companion has left this world.
Sam was lucky to have been in your loving care Jean. I know he really enjoyed your daily walks and meeting new friends. Well except for Archie. Grouchy Old Men comes to mind.
RIP Sam you were a lovely dog.


King said...

My heart goes out to Sams family and you Jean. I hoped if I waited a day I could write through my tears..... It didn't work.

You said it so well.

"Such is the cycle of life – a child is born, an old friend passes on."
Perhaps this child will forever have Sam watching over her. Sam gave Peter and Margaret his most loyal years and then was ready to give his life at a time when a new little life needed a guiding angel.
Run free Sam. Go find Oliver and Belle.

Sheryl said...

Sam has one of the most beautiful, expressive faces I have ever seen.

My condolences to all who know and love him.

Laura Carson said...

I am so terribly sorry, Jean. I'm glad that if Sam couldn't be with his people that he could be with you. Lots of creepy internet hugs for you AND Sam's people.