Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She's packin' again!

I can just tell she's leavin' us again. She's got the thermos and cooler bag out. An' a pile of stuff on the table. An' she's fussin' wiv the car, checkin' the oil and tire pressure and stuff. I jest know she's leavin' us again.

She's taking flowers. Prob'ly goin to see Gran Rose.

Well, she better not stay away long, leavin' me alone with THREE dogs!'s my chance!

She don't haz a suitcase, so she's not goin' overnight.

Hummph. She better haz someone comin' in to take care of us anyway. Itz a long day, when she goes to see Gran Rose.

And she better bring us back a surprise!


georgia little pea said...

i can actually really hear this conversation going on. bizarre. you have some pushy critters there too hehe.

have a safe trip to wherever.

georgia is having the same worried look on her face now that our suitcase is out!

hornblower said...

When my dogs get a whiff of 'trip' they place themselves right on top of the packing. Last year while packing the car for camping, Darwin snuck into the garage & laid down right in front of the car, acting out "over my dead body" :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooohh, I wonder what the surpise is going to be!!

Anonymous said...

So... a surprize, huh. Can't wait to see it. ;-)

Deb S.

georgia little pea said...

this is the 2nd time i'm leaving this message at a blogger blog this week. sucks!

i can't see your NEW post. it's listed on google reader, but when i click on it, i get the message -"page not found" :(

sigh. wonder if this is happening to me too.

Jean said...

GLP, that happens when someone posts a blog, then realizes they have errors or want to change something - the title has already gone to the notifications thingy, but the post vanishes from the blog until the owner fixes the stuff she screwed up. Stay tuned - I'm nearly done!
(Actually, I hadn't meant to post it just yet at all, but I hit some magic key and it posted itself - then I had to retract it!)