Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hi out there!

My mama's ignoring us.

And YOU - her blog readers - heh heh heh

She's still too busy building stuff.

And watching baby birds learn to fly.

Story coming.

(and she has switched to an updated blogger editor, so needed to write something short to see how/if it works! Aaack  - things are totally unfamiliar!  And inconsistent!  Please bear with me! )


EvenSong said...

Looks good from my end. [heh, heh, heh].

georgia little pea said...

wicked mama to ignore us like that.

updated technology always makes me feel quite old and stoopid.

have a great weekend building and birdwatching xox

Anonymous said...

Just LOOK at those beautiful faces! Love the gardening/planter projects as well. Very nice!


Caroline said...

if your mama is too busy, why don't you two tell us a tall tale or two

Jean said...

Evensong - I figured out how to make (some) of the photos bigger! I like it!

GLP - I agree - Updated technology makes me feel VERY old and stoopid. I have absolutely no intuitive sense for computer stuff.

E - the older Charley gets, the more beautiful her face!

Deah Auntie Caroline. We thinks you has a good idea. We will tell you how our mama forgets to feed us, and leaves us out in the rain, and eats all our treats (that cheese in the fridge WAS for us, right?), and ...wait......oops, dinner's ready, gotta run! Luvs Charley and Sadie.

Dom said...

Love that graying face <3