Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hey, Georgia Little Pea!!!!

Remember those sunny spots you lost? The ones you asked us to help you find? In this blog of yours?

Well, guess what? Our visitor, Kinley, found them!!!

He would like to know if he has to return them to you right away. We think they have grown weak after travelling all the way from Down Under. Perhaps they could stay here for a while to regain their strength, and we could send them back to you in a few months.

Please, pretty please with sunbeams on top, can we keep them for a while?


georgia little pea said...

BOL!!! that's hilarious!

NO,YOU CAN'T KEEP THEM! send them back, even in their weakened state. i am a selfish pig[dog] with my sunny spots. express post please.


Jean said...

Oh Georgia Little Pea, we're so sorry you are missing your sunny spots. We hate to tell you this, but Canada Post is in strike mode (in fact, rotating strikes have begun, and a full strike can start any moment) so sending them express post is a bit dicey - we would NOT want them to get lost in transit!

But we will try to figure out how to get your sunny spots into a box so when the strike ends, we will be able to ship them back to you right away.

Hopefully, they will have reproduced by then (I don't think they can be spayed/neutered?), and we will have a few sunny spots to keep here! Meanwhile, we will take very, very good care of your sunny spots.

Perhaps your Typist can get you one of those sunlight lamps? Or maybe there is a nice cosy fireplace to curl up in front of and have a long winter's nap? Your sunny spots will be home before you know it!

Anonymous said...

No, no, no... these are Canadian sunny spots, we brought them with us from the Mainland. They traveled with us on the ferry! You see, our Mom doesn't love it when we lure course in the rain, cuz she ends up getting all muddy with us, So, we've been asking for the sunny spots too and since we've been VERRRRY good dogs, we've been rewarded with our very own. We've missed them so... they feel so good. I think we might be able to share some with you though when the strike is over.

Love Kinley