Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Photogenic Whippet (and his brother)


Having my friend Ellen visit this weekend with her two whippets, Kinley and Logan, was a treat. Both are lovely dogs, but Logan is particularly expressive and photogenic - a far cry from trying to photograph the fuzzy, furry, mostly-black faces of my crew!

Here are my very favourite shots of Logan (and sometimes his brother Kinley) from this weekend; tomorrow I'll post some of my 'second string' choices of the whippets and my crew.

Logan (2)

Logan (3)

Logan (4)

Logan (5)


Kinley (2)

Kinley and Logan

Kinley and Logan (2)

Click to enlarge any photo - I haven't figured out how to make them larger on the blog - and they look so much more impressive at full size!

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(c) JFB 2011


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are so sleek and clean-looking and very photogenic. I bet they don't shed either (but I could be wrong :-))


georgia little pea said...

they really are photogenic! now that i've met a few whippets and even more greyhounds [through blogging], i'm beginning to see a lot of their genes in Georgia. [she's supposed to be part grey.]

sorry to hear about the loss of sunshine. isn't it summer yet?