Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes....

What a difference a day makes ...or in this case three days. On Saturday, Jessie trembled and ran away at the sight of a leash, and did not want to step one single paw into the back yard. On Sunday, she accepted the leash and cautiously went into the yard, but ran quickly back to the house. On Monday, she sat nicely while I put the leash on, pranced happily outside, checked out all the pee spots, sniffed at a slug, nosed at the garbage cans, and then sat on the back porch waiting for Sadie and Charley.

Yesterday afternoon, I let go of her leash in the fenced back yard for the first time and watched in trepidation as she quickly skirted the parameter of the yard, nose pointed toward the top of the fence all the way (Let’s face it, it would be rather embarrassing if, after my ranting about people not keeping dogs safe in new surroundings, she jumped the fence and I had to report her lost!!!!). I was poised to grab the end of the leash if necessary, but as soon as I said her name she came trotting back to me.

Today? Well, today she flew out of the door, tore around the back yard, chased a ball, jumped on Sadie, splashed through the puddles, checked out the brambles and tools behind the shed, and then ran onto the back porch where she sat next to the door with a big happy grin on her face.

Checking out the yard

Saturday, she trembled and drooled and vomited and quaked all the way home in the van. On Sunday, she turned into a quivering mess when I took her onto the driveway. On Monday, she stood with apprehension when I opened the gate on the other side of the house, which leads into a fenced side yard – a yard she has seen through the patio doors but not been into. With coaxing and a leash, she entered it, trembling all the while. Today, she went voluntarily into the side yard on three occasions. Just now, when I took her out for a pee, she ran to the closed side yard gate and pawed to go into that area of the yard.

Hey, what's through here?

Takin' time to smell the flowers

Yesterday morning, when Else stopped by to drop off a crate, Jessie hunkered down on the floor, all timid and scared. This afternoon, when Vonda came over to get some photos for the soon to be published Crofton Cookbook, Jessie greeted her with eagerness, happily sat next to her for scritches, and confidently followed her into the office.

On Saturday, Jessie squatted to pee or poop in the house without a second thought. On Sunday, she began to pace a bit to let me know she might need out, but wasn’t always good about actually doing the job once she was outside. On Monday, she learned to go pee on command. Today, she is learning to nudge the bells when she wants out.

Out, please!

On Saturday, Jessie had to be physically placed in the wire crate. On Sunday, she went in somewhat reluctantly but without assistance when I put food in there for her. Yesterday, she willingly went in numerous times for food, treats, an antler, and comfortably stayed in there when I had to go out for several hours. Today, she raced into the crate as soon as she saw me prepare her meal, and on one occasion even went into the open crate by herself for a nap when I was busy with other things. (Ironically, though she previously loved her plastic crate and resisted the wire one, she wants nothing to do with the plastic one I borrowed, cleaned, put together, and have taking up space in my small living room. Go figure).

Saturday, she was too scared to even look at Charley, Sadie or Allie. Sunday, she sniffed them a few times but essentially ignored them. Monday, she crowded the dogs when it was time to go outside or when we were in the kitchen. Today she is pouncing on the dogs, chasing the cat, stealing the cat's toys, and trying to figure out why none of them want to play with a bouncy, happy, puppy.

And I'm not comin' down 'til she's GONE! Is she still here?

May I take this cat toy outside, please?

One could say she is literally progressing by leaps and bounds. Tomorrow, next week, next month – the world! Way to go, Jessie!!

YAY ME!!!!

We shall continue with her adjustment to the home and yard for several more days before upping the ante and venturing on leash into the front yard, the driveway, and the rest of the block.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I seem to be technologically challenged these days. On Saturday, I broke a memory card and the card reader; for the past three days I've had posting problems with my blog (hence the weird spacing of the last few entries); and today the camera seems to have a ridiculously slow response time and most of the photos are blurry. And my stereo died. And yesterday I had a flat tire and couldn’t figure out how to release the spare tire (thank heavens for BCAA), so even my car hates me.


georgia little pea said...

Speaking as a blogger who takes pictures with her mobile phone, I think your pics capture what's important and fun to see...Jessie's remarkable progress!

What a difference a few days have made. She looks a completely different dog. She sounds a bit of a smartie too. I don't believe Ms Pea knows how to ring the bell to be let out yet. Well done Ms Jean!

Thanks for sharing the story. I'm loving it :)

Jen said...

Oh goodness, you have lots of those pesky little things going on in your life too- the little things that aren't really huge, but all added up together make life way more challenging than it should be! :) But, at least Jesse is doing GREAT! WOOHOO to that!!

Hope you have a great Wednesday with no little things piling up around you!
Jen and the Black Dog Cew

Dom said...

I got such a big smile out of this.

EvenSong said...

What a Sweetie! Who could resist that FACE? So glad she's settling in. (Sorry for the inconvenience, Allie.)

Caroline said...

Yeah Jessie!

Anonymous said...

Didn't I tell you that Beardies were fast learners? And that bouncy joyful personality is so typical of them. Yay Jessie! It's wonderful that she's finding herself now that she's in a safe, loving place. Thank you Jean! And all I can say to your critters is, you're lucky to have such a generous mom even if you wish you didn't have to put up with interlopers in your happy home.

Deb S.

Funder said...

My parents have a big terrier mix with the same face as Jessie. Sounds like she's coming along just fine :)